Punk-a-Billy at Texas Dance Hall

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GemmyF1378 jams

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Snagged BOTHEN'sdrums from #89713
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punk, country, texas, rock


Fantastic Gemmy :D+1
November 19 2016 19:44:27
GemmyF There is room for you to Boot-Scoot on this dance floor.
Pickup that guitar and get on out here!
November 19 2016 19:45:13
GemmyF I won't even mind playing with 2 hippies as Ron told me he has a ponytail! +1
November 20 2016 13:25:17
ivax je,je,je!!:D +0
Excellent, very creative!!+1
November 17 2016 20:13:36
GemmyF BTW Andrea is into Fasion, is the reason it was creepy was because I nailed it????:o +1
November 17 2016 20:17:55
Bothen Not even close. Plaid shorts, wife beater shirt, pony tail and high top tennis shoes. +1
November 17 2016 20:33:16
GemmyF Good look, that was my second wardrobe choice for you! +1
:D :Y :Y :Y :D
Jim I love this kind of music!!
November 17 2016 19:23:27
mortheol 2:06 Oh yeah!! +1
November 17 2016 19:31:18
GemmyF 2 + 3 the perfect emojees
except I'm hearing a flute that goes not.
November 17 2016 19:32:40
GemmyF I sent this in an email to you last night in case you were going through ADD withdrawal +1
November 17 2016 19:38:20
mortheol Tonight I shall dawn my best western wear and join this Hoedown Throwdown...Texas Style:D +1
Great and cool work Jim ! Super sound too!! :)+1
November 17 2016 19:39:26
GemmyF Thanks FrankyG! Ain't notin' but some full bore Texas free-for-all linedancin' jump on out here, don't mind the elbows a flying! They don't hurt none! +1
so cool & unique :) :)+1
November 17 2016 17:42:13
GemmyF We got our work boots on--Bothen probably cowboy boots--mine steel toe lace-ups, bothen a straw cowboy hat, and both tore out sleeve tshirts(bothen's probably a willie nelson black T with almost as many holes as Willie's guitar and mine a white one with lots of Taco juice stains dripped down the front and of course holey jean. That's the fashion up date on this one! HA! +1
November 17 2016 20:10:39
Bothen Lil creepy here Jim :o +1
Lenny Cowler
November 17 2016 17:03:12
Lenny Cowler
GemmyF :oThanks Lenny did you go in withdrawal yesterday when it was down--I had two bothen HD drums that I played to while it was out! +1
very cool one Gemmy...+1
November 17 2016 16:22:30
GemmyF Come to Texas! Sit in with us! +1
2:07 are you using a jaw harp there? How did you get this sound? Cool!!+1
November 17 2016 15:54:38
GemmyF Wah! used an AB splitter ran one side in a wah that i used on high bore and the pedaled at that point
my Vox ToneLabLE on the other channel Hall with overdrive(minor amount, Reverb and Modulation--trem I think)It also sounds like a bass line is in there too--it's weird!
November 17 2016 15:57:47
TeeGee Damn that is so cool! Nice to hear that you are using a tonelab, I got the Tonelab ST, love it. Only thing, I need another Wahwah pedal because using the wahwah pedal on my ST won't allow me to use some of the effects, and that is a pity. +1
November 17 2016 16:12:50
GemmyF Yeah I have an original Bass Pod that I put on Tube Preamp and I have an Original Floorboard that has both wah and Volume So I use that--never really had much luck with the Tone lab for a Wah--it turns off really easy and for a stomp-er like me all the sudden it's off, but it does sound good. When I play live I use about 5 amps and runs stereo from the Tonelab to 2 amps(cheap solid state-and both given to me) Then I have a cheap bass amp CRATE with my 2 12s from my Flextone Line 6 that blew and no one could fix I run the wah channel and also a Peavy Keys amp with a horn and 15 Black Widow I have my piezo pickup and maybe my guitar synth usaully Rotary Keys or Strings. Pretyy full sound--I don't play that lound but really full sound. +0
Cool track Gemmy, has a nice stomping rhythm+1
November 17 2016 15:59:35
GemmyF Think Bothen and I need to do a Texan Stomp album. +0

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