Furry Freak

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First time I heard this I wanted come up with some vocals with trip lyrics I’m not a good vocalist and had trouble making it fit so I ended up speaking the lyrics. (note) if you like the lyrics and song and would like to sing it pleas do

“ The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers “ was a comic book in the 70’s about 3 hippies, a cat and drugs
You can Google search it


November 27 2016 07:17:55
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho, GBD. muito legal

November 20 2016 14:03:30
PewiPewi Wow, that's something else! I like it that the text is spoken!Realy cool!

November 17 2016 19:43:55
TG_StratTG_Strat Hahaha nice one!! I actually like that it is spoken, somehow it fits :) Thanks for uploading the HD track ;)
+1 November 18 2016 04:41:04 TG_StratGBD
I edited my uploaded tracks almost all are now HD
November 17 2016 19:43:13
petebasspetebass Hu GBD:) cool trip buddy,great fun, thanks loads for your cool add:);)
+1 November 18 2016 04:38:44 petebassGBD
Inspiring song thanks you
November 17 2016 19:42:52
kimbokimbo till had kids i had loads of furry freak comics on the back of the loo....great!
very zappaesque.

+1 November 18 2016 04:37:07 kimboGBD
Our bass player had almost every copy so I got to read them also.
November 17 2016 19:36:50
GemmyFGemmyF COOL! the first guitar strum sounded like it was going to be a song from The Dukes of the Stratosphere.
Cool Vocals!
Good Job! Fits really well!

+1 November 18 2016 05:04:14 GemmyFGBD
Thanks for the tip on the Dukes never heard of them did a search and found their tunes on U Tube Cool.
November 17 2016 19:23:38
ivaxivax fantastic GBD :) I like Freak Brothers :D
+1 November 17 2016 19:34:58 ivaxGemmyF
aren't you one of the characters in the comix XAVI???
November 17 2016 19:41:22 ivaxivax
je,je,je!!!actually when we were young, some that another time I and my friends seemed to them Freak brothers :D
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