Flesh and Stone II

Remix step #3 (playing)
New Zealand


Wade350 jams Supporter
+ 18
Beautiful track from Shi and Balfo. Just doing some backing for this one on tenor.


November 25 2016 02:46:56
The great Wade shots again !! very very nice I love the way you put just a few notes justs at the rigth time
+1 December 01 2016 04:48:03 ERWAN Wade
Thanks ERWAN. That's that way I see the job if you're going in afterwards and doing a "backing". It's all about setting up the singer's phrases.
November 20 2016 01:06:24
Love your playing, you always hit the right notes where they should be.. and your feeling! Love this :)
+1 November 21 2016 20:44:22 haddock Wade
So good that you has a listen to this and liked it. I certainly enjoyed playing this one.
November 18 2016 21:30:09
Intension, feeling, everything there!
+1 November 21 2016 20:42:29 Balfo Wade
Thanks Balfo. What's the point if you aren't in there 100%? Just wish I was a better player able to play all that's in my head.
November 18 2016 18:15:05
Perfext smooth saxing with respect to the breathing of other musicians? - It must be a wade add!
+1 November 18 2016 19:40:31 Liesching Wade
How did you guess??? Such a different exercise backing singers, and one that I always enjoy, especially Shi.
November 18 2016 17:00:12
:)Ahh the backing Sax!Ahh!:)
+1 November 18 2016 19:39:27 GemmyF Wade
Somebody's got to do it.
November 18 2016 20:14:59 GemmyF GemmyF
That's what I was thinking!:@
November 18 2016 16:24:35
Very cool.
+1 November 18 2016 19:39:05 NewbieSax Wade
Thanks Nuwbie. Just kind of standard backing mode. Glad you like. There's quite a few backings I've done with Shi.
November 18 2016 13:14:45
Great fills Wade! and you play them BETWEEN the vocal parts, and that's something you only hear by mature musicians
+1 November 18 2016 19:37:52 fanne Wade
Does mature = old? Yea, I'm old! Might have something to do with having been a singer way back when. You never run over a singer's lines (especially a female singer). Thanks so much for the listen and comment.
November 19 2016 17:12:53 fanne fanne
:) :) indeed you never run over a female,certanly when your"mature" they think instantly your a dirty old man..:)
December 01 2016 04:53:50 fanne Wade
Moi? Filthy?...It's all in my mind. Getting to the point where one had "thoughties" instead of "naughties".
November 18 2016 09:04:44
very cool and mastered : blending so well :)
+1 November 18 2016 19:36:12 OliVBee Wade
I know a real compliment from you ...(and I think/hope this is one!) Thanks OliVBee.
November 18 2016 02:55:51
fab...all! on the "ohh my!" list
+1 November 18 2016 19:45:41 kimbo Wade
Oh no...not the "ohh list". Cheers Kimbo.
November 17 2016 23:09:38
uhhhh Wade sooo great! Balm for the heart and ears!:)
+1 November 18 2016 19:34:15 jamlady Wade
Thanks Claudia. That a very sweet and encouraging thing to say.
November 20 2016 00:18:50 jamlady jamlady

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