A Thousand Gallons

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Great great great tracks to work with.. just fantastic.. hope I added to it.

Let me know about the mix.. voice over music.. etc. having a hard time telling lately. lol



November 18 2016 16:15:21
slinslin a very very good one blumartini...
+0 November 18 2016 19:09:49 slinblumartini
Thank you Nils.
November 18 2016 11:22:13
ivaxivax This is awesome,:) Martini, you left me without breath, that style of singing so fantastic, magnificent lyrics, perfect intonation, you are an artist, I can listen to this song all day without rest, you made me happy...:D:D
+2 November 18 2016 19:11:05 ivaxblumartini
... Ivax, thank you for the kind words.. they mean a lot, the truly do.
November 19 2016 00:09:56 ivaxivax
Thanks to you :) my friend
November 18 2016 08:53:13
TG_StratTG_Strat Wow that was a nice surprise I found this morning. Was listening to it during breakfast and all the way to work, really cool. I feel bad now that I did not not leave more space for vocals. However, I think those gaps that were there, you did great with it. Regarding the mix, I think I want to have another listen at home to it. It seems to me that your voice is so strong that it overloads the microphone - or maybe you are recording it with too much input volume so it sounds that way. I guess a little bit of that gives that retro sound which fits in well with your vocal style, but I would try to turn it down a bit. The overall volume of the voice in the mix sound ok to me, I like the vocals to be way upfront, but it's a matter of taste. If you would upload the single vocal track I would have a little play with it, maybe tone down some of the solo guitar while you sing...But, love what you did, and I cannot believe you never performed live! The spirit of Elvis lives on!!
+2 November 18 2016 11:23:43 TG_Strativax
I love wikiloops and the wikiloopers :) Thanks Brothers
November 18 2016 19:12:22 TG_Stratblumartini
T.. thank you.. I'm at a loss of words.. your comments mean so much.. I'll work on the mix.. something happened to my setup, but I kinda liked the way it came out. But yeah.. thanks again for the compliments.. humbling. :)
November 18 2016 04:28:59
jamladyjamlady super track!
+0 November 18 2016 19:13:28 jamladyblumartini
Thank you lady!!

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