For My Beloved Star (Ac.Guitar)

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Medio September I heard this song for the first time. I had a feeling that I really wanted to make an add for it. But making an add to something that is already perfect should be done with at least deep respect for "the already existing".
I guess the song and lyrics in this song is something we all can refer to. "To lose someone near and dear to you"
Easter this year my own mother passed away and I´m sure she is a star today. At least she was when she was around.
I hope you will like this add.
I just love the song.


March 13 2017 01:07:20
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Peterpingo. ficou legal
+1 March 13 2017 10:06:52 francisco al Peterpingo
Thank you so much Francisco. I´m glad you like it. I think it´s a very beautiful song. :)
November 20 2016 16:30:50
Hi Peter, a wonderful way to commemorate someone who has gone. A song that helps. Your guitar gives the song shine and star!
+1 November 20 2016 17:12:43 Pewi Peterpingo
Thank you so much Peter. I certainly agree with you, This song and composition is very beautiful. I was blown away when I heard it the first time. And to play with it was a great experience too. :) I´m glad you liked it.
November 20 2016 16:25:25
fantastic Peter,you put all the love and the sensitivity that needs this beautiful theme :)
+1 November 20 2016 17:07:22 ivax Peterpingo
Thank you Ivax. I´m so glad you like it. And thanks for your nice words. :)
November 20 2016 02:58:56
I'm sorry for my late check , this song still brought tears to my eyes...your guitar treated this song in a very gentle way, the color from your guitar made the horn to the maximum level of sweetness, so happy you jump into this track...I'm sorry to hear bout your mom, losing someone we love it's always hard, but remembering the sweet memories from them is one of the greatest cure...thank you Peter
+1 November 20 2016 03:19:50 aleonz Peterpingo
Thank you for your kind words Alice. Of course the fantastic words and the story behind your words in this lyrics made a great impression to me. But at the same time this whole composition is so fantastic, If someone would ever doubt that you have the voice of an angel they should just listen to this song. I´m so glad you like my add. And besides Lieschings outstanding composition here I think it is very important to highlight Thomas´flugelhorn. It is so appropriate and wonderful.
I will not indulge in sentimental phrases but being a part of this song was a great experience to me. For My Beloved Star is one of - If not THE must beautiful song I have ever played an instrument to. Thank you so much for sharing it. :)
November 19 2016 13:43:31
Marcelo DMarcelo D
Its a gorgeous playing. I know your mother is in a good place now Peter. This song is a bless. Your guitar made it even better. :)
+0 November 19 2016 14:26:10 Marcelo D Peterpingo
Thank you Marcelo. Your words are very kind. I´m so glad you dig this add.
For My Beloved Star has been a doubtful add for me to make. It was so perfect and "finished" already. Without being a specially good Christian or believer in other aspects it became almost kind of a "holy grail" in my point of view. But making the add was really a nice thing to do. :)
November 19 2016 14:31:35 Marcelo D Marcelo D
It's a gift for your mother. She is smiling somewhere. I am sure:) and we keep smiling here too:)
November 19 2016 14:57:05 Marcelo D Peterpingo
Thank you my friend. :)
November 19 2016 12:18:26
Thank you very much for this very fine playing, Peter! Btw I love Alice´s song too! :)
+1 November 19 2016 12:43:41 Liesching Peterpingo
Thanks for your words Liesching. It was a great pleasure to make this add. The piano, the song and the flugelhorn is outstanding in itselfs. :)

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