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No herbs were harmed or abused in the making of this spoof tune, haha, just having some fun on a Saturday morning. :) Thanks for the fun reggae jam Xavi and G.P. ... great track and playing by both of U! :)


March 16 2017 03:04:45
ahhhhhhhhh Ernie !!! Wonderful !!!! :W
My bro Greg (Guitarplyr) said me "Ernie sing" !!!
So fun to hear u :Y

December 08 2016 03:11:35
Didnt know you could sing so well! hahahaha, is that a bong in the background?
+1 December 08 2016 03:14:47 rp3drums Ernie440
haha, why thanks .. and yes, but not my bong, officer! :)
November 20 2016 16:39:53
COOL my friend! I see you smoking a water pipe, a drink in your hand, lightly dressed girls at your feet ....:D:D
+2 November 20 2016 23:23:30 Pewi Ernie440
Your dream sounds good to me Peter, haha!! Thanks for listening!
November 20 2016 12:08:15
Exellent Bassline and vocal add my friend :) that herbish song mek' big smiley on my sunday face, Thanks for trippin' with us on this reggae road ... Which bass U use on this one ?
+1 November 20 2016 13:37:56 GuitarPlyr Ernie440
Gracias GP, glad you like, such a great template set up from you and Xavi's guitar is great, it was fun to do the reggae, I like it. Oh I used my precision copy an 80's Ibanez RB650 ... which I haven't played on a song in a while :) ;)
November 19 2016 23:28:25
hey Ernie... magnificent bass, amazing work, a perfect manufacture, are you singer? je, je, je! Awesome....:D
no lyrics, I like much, but not understand nor a Word, I always use the translator, for them reviews, not is speak English, only it basic of the school primary :D

+1 November 20 2016 00:48:26 ivax Ernie440
Hey Xavi, muchas gracias amigo, son algunas letras tontas que compuse para esta canción de reggae, van algo así:

Cuando consiga mi hierba, como usted sabía que lo haría

Yo fumo todo el día porque me hace sentir tan bien ...

Haha .. no no un cantante, esta es la primera vez que canto una canción .. gracias !!
November 20 2016 03:11:12 ivax ivax
je,je,je!! Thanks my friend :)
November 19 2016 22:50:45
Awesome! Free da'erb! Praise Rastafari!
+2 November 20 2016 00:44:54 SriJah Ernie440
Jah live!!! :)
November 19 2016 21:23:52
Pit BrettPit Brett
+1 November 19 2016 22:05:00 Pit Brett Ernie440
November 19 2016 19:50:31
Haha, gotta love this! :) Closed my eyes for a bit and forgot about snow & winter ;) and just like Clinton you did not inhale right? ;)
+1 November 19 2016 20:27:16 eGiL Ernie440
*big chuckle* ... Not snowing here in Canada yet, knock on wood! :) Thanks for the listen. ;)
November 19 2016 19:10:57
Jah Man ! Jam man
Smoked song and so cool to hear you Ernie

+2 November 19 2016 19:14:25 Tofzegrit Ernie440
Jah Mon, thank U mon! :);)
November 19 2016 18:25:13
Okay, no beer but ganja LOL :D Great Ernie, Super nice to listen your voice, great bass!! Killer jam buddy, had much fun with your giggle LOL :D :Y
+1 November 19 2016 18:31:15 frankyguitar Ernie440
hahaha, after the beer song, anything is possible .. LOL .. thanks Franky :)
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