the Donald Remix Bumpin' Version

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so Ken of KMstar(fame) sent the HD track with His last upload. He knows me pretty good!
I had to put his Bass track on 2 tracks to get the Volume he deserved on his play!

So any Gunslingers(Axe wielders with Funk skills) out there to Shred away atop this Funky Bed of Funk!? Even Sax(ers) if you got the Funk Blow away!


November 20 2016 22:47:29
AKchenAKchen awesome !!!!

November 20 2016 22:47:17
AKchenAKchen haha, I for real read "Ronald Donald", oh my ... sorry ;(

November 20 2016 21:25:29
PsychoPsycho Great mix Jim !!

November 20 2016 21:05:40
bhunt1bhunt1 cool groove on this :)
+1 November 20 2016 21:11:15 bhunt1GemmyF
Thanks Brian! Ken and Greg(Drumschiks) really pulled out the groove! from the single guitar play+ Simonyous' wah effect on the guitar
November 20 2016 19:02:57
SimonymousSimonymous Nice! :)
+1 November 20 2016 19:05:54 SimonymousGemmyF
Ken's bass helps cement this one! Maybe Tof will get tired of being lazy(saw him say he was yesterday) and Funk this one up! The eternal optimist in me!!!! You play nice Funk Guitar......HeHeHe!
November 20 2016 19:09:38 SimonymousSimonymous
Probaly time to wake up Tof. Do you know where he lives? hehe :)
November 20 2016 19:12:40 SimonymousGemmyF
In a Gated Community I think!(In USA they have those with a guard at a gate to keep the rif-raff out)
One look at my 95 Toyota and they are standing up and hand on gun wanting me to turn around!!!!

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