Don´t You Worry ( Ac.Guitar+Bass)

Remix step #3 (playing)

acoustic Guitar & Bass & acoustic Guitar:

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I tried to keep the "unplugged" Feeling in this song, I Added 2 panned Acoustic steel string Guitars (With plugs :) ) and a bass. The song could still need som drums or maybe "just" some percussion. Space is left for solos of all kinds.
Hope you will like this add.
Thank you for listening.


November 24 2016 18:56:56
aleonzaleonz WOW, So happy to find this remix with your adds Peter, you poured lovely colors and feeling into this song, you flow and blend sweetly to the track, so happy you join us!
+1 November 24 2016 19:09:37 aleonzPeterpingo
Thank you for you sweet comment Alice. I really enjoyed making this add. It´s such a great song. It´s an honour to get this option. :)
November 21 2016 12:10:02
PewiPewi Hi Peter, that's fantastic!:D
+0 November 21 2016 12:32:57 PewiPeterpingo
Thanks Peter. So glad you dig this my friend. :)
November 21 2016 02:51:42
PeixePeixe Like? I love this add. It stays subtle until 2:00 when it grows and shines in sound. Very beautiful. And the steel is so wonderful. Thank you so much for joining us here Peter. Honored. :):):)
+0 November 21 2016 09:48:16 PeixePeterpingo
Thanks Marcelo. I´, so glad you like it. And I´m glad you noticed the "level change" I did that to make it easier to a drummer or a percussionist to build the song up to a "finale" :) And Thank You my friend, It is always a pleasure and a joy to make music with you. :) :) :)
November 21 2016 10:10:35 PeixePeixe
It's perfect. Great work:)
November 20 2016 21:39:31
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Most excellent music my friend. Well done, nice mix :)
+0 November 20 2016 21:44:57 HiFiFlutesPeterpingo
Thanks Chris. :)
November 20 2016 21:11:24
PsychoPsycho Well done Peter... good work as it sounds great my friend !!
+1 November 20 2016 21:13:58 PsychoPeterpingo
Thanks Bruce. I´m so glad you dig. It means a lot. :)
November 20 2016 20:52:07
pklieschpkliesch Nice fitting addition! :)
+0 November 20 2016 20:58:44 pklieschPeterpingo
Thank you pkliesch. :)

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