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That title is just the sound of my pick strumming against the strings… sorry, too many tracks & i've ran out of original names !!…LOL..
This was recorded unrehearsed just jamming along see where it took me.
So obviously one of the 1st stops was a huge boo-boo, what else ?..
But great fun when these go well & i think, despite all the obvious shortcomings of the format, this one has gone quite well indeed !
Hope you guys like it & join in in droves.. ;)


November 21 2016 23:21:28
KMstarKMstar sounds great to me Nuno!
+1 November 22 2016 00:47:31 KMstarnuno1959
Thanks a lot buddy, good to ''see ya''.. ;)
November 21 2016 21:17:14
WadeWade OK this is a download, but I have absolutely no clue what to do...just like it a lot.
+1 November 21 2016 21:22:08 Wadenuno1959
Eh, eh, eh… I SWEAR i try to be swampier but… this inane energy always rises it's ugly head !!
It's all your fault for cutting me too much slack… :D :D
November 21 2016 21:50:44 WadeWade
Yea, yea yea...all my fault. Jeez, you'd think I was your dad or something!
November 21 2016 17:45:28
slinslin very cool one nuno...
+1 November 21 2016 20:00:59 slinnuno1959
Good fun too ;) Thanks !
November 21 2016 16:36:13
aduadu very nice buddy :)
+1 November 21 2016 17:21:50 adununo1959
Thanks Adu, maybe i'm just frustrated guitar player living inside a bass player body ??? ;) ;)
November 21 2016 17:39:58 aduadu
Surely my friend, I told you often in the past! :D
November 21 2016 01:24:22
GemmyFGemmyF Good thing Dave Mason isn't the knuckle breaking type, you might be in trouble here! There is no good guy, there is no bad guy, it's just you and Dave with the pool cue in his hand, and you(guys) just disagree!

It'd be SWEET to have Tubas or is that Tube-eye (as the plural) come in and blow that bass most part! at times The major theme part!

+1 November 21 2016 11:31:55 GemmyFnuno1959
Dave Mason !? Bring him on, pool cues are my specialty !! That & glue sticks.. lethal !!
Now the tubas, if you think i'm going to remove the ferns i got in them just so some weirdos can come & play, you got another thing coming mr. !!
Yup, it's official : You're weird !! & i like that… :D :D :D
November 20 2016 21:57:09
ivaxivax I like that ability that you have in build rhythms melodicos, and that sound made in Nuno, I love :D
+1 November 20 2016 22:59:06 ivaxnuno1959
Gracias Xavi !! Unfortunately when i'm jamming as is the case here, i make SO MANY mistakes & blunders… :o
Playing i barely notice them but later i do, it drives me nuts !! ;)
November 20 2016 23:29:03 ivaxivax
those errors appreciate your, me hear great, this needs a drums :D
November 20 2016 21:49:42
pklieschpkliesch I can hear it's a nuno track:) Just great bass Performance!
+1 November 20 2016 22:56:45 pklieschnuno1959
Thanks Patrick, you spoil me.. !! ;)

Alternative World backing tracks with Bass:

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  10. Lost In Time

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