Heart's Wide Open

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Beautiful song by Patrick. Just added a little piano. I have tried not to step on the song. Hope the mix is fine :) Thank you Patrick . Thank you for hearing. :)
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Piano; Peixe; Patrick; Pop


Well done, very tastefull!:D+0
francisco al
ótimo trabalho de piano, Peixe. parece que firam junto essa musica+0
preciosa cancion..me gusta mucho..
♥ . .))(
♫ .(ړײ) ♫.
♥ .«▓» ♥.
♫ ..╝╚.. ♫..saludos amigo..
I thought I already leave a comment, maybe i'm so amazed by your play on this beautiful song, you never failed to highlight the track, you make all the song blessed by the sweetness from your heart through your magic fringers! never get tired to listen your play Marcelo!+0
Wonderful playing Marcelo! :)+1
November 24 2016 13:52:25
Marcelo D Thank you so much Stef :) +0
Excelente, uma adição tão tão suave, bem adequada ao ambiente da canção. Lindo, Lindo, Lindo!!!! meu amigo Marcelo!!!+1
November 22 2016 01:25:42
Marcelo D Leves como uma pluma e pesadas como aço, assim precisam ser as mãos de um músico para colorir com todas as tonalidades a obra de arte. É preciso usar o contraste, claro e escuro, figura e fundo. Tom Jobim dizia ser o vôo do urubu, pássaro negro com as pontas das asas brancas. Ao voar se pode ver claro e escuro dançando nos céus.
Muito obrigado pelas palavras amigo. Me alegro com elas :)
Bravo Marcelo!+1
November 22 2016 01:20:39
Marcelo D Thanks so much maestro:) +0
Wow! You really know how to refine a song, Marcello! Absolutely lovely! :)+1
November 22 2016 01:20:11
Marcelo D So glad you liked Patrick. The feelings here are pure and deep. I need to respect them and let the song lead me.
Thank you for this song it's wonderful.
All the adds coming from this song are beautiful.
Wonderful! :)+1
November 21 2016 20:33:31
Marcelo D Thanks so much Adu. Its a great song by Patrick and all the guys jumped right in hahahaha :)
Great fun and lots of sugar here...
This Version is my fav--fits the "heart's wide open" theme.
Great Job! Be nice to hear Fish's sax here too!
November 21 2016 17:52:53
Marcelo D Thank you so much Gemmy. I was saying to Titi in the reply below that I have tried to use the extremes sections from my keyboard to add dimension and make it feel "wide open" but still there is an emptyness here. Thats why I used few notes.
Fish's sax would be really great here. I thought about him after finishing this record...
November 21 2016 18:04:53
Marcelo D hahahaha just heard Fish sax down in the tree. Great one :) +1
November 21 2016 18:27:29
GemmyF yeah but the drums change the whole flavor of "this" version, maybe they are too loud -- not sure.
Hearing Fish's version brought me hear and I went AHHHHHH!!!!! Now I'm hearing something! Be great just to hear that sax part floating in the air on this version--I PM'd Fish about it
November 21 2016 18:45:03
Marcelo D Hey Gemmy. I will ask him for his sax only to try to mix it in this one ;) +1

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