Never Forget& Flugelhorn

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Thanks for this epic music "Wikimark"! Just a few notes.
The Flugelhorn is played with the EWI


November 24 2016 02:16:12
+1 November 24 2016 17:57:04 jamlady Pewi
Ich danke Dir!
November 23 2016 06:30:14
Nice Man!!!!
+1 November 24 2016 17:56:45 1969orange Pewi
Hi, thanks a lot!
November 22 2016 23:41:35
I sure like that EWI Pewi :)
+1 November 24 2016 17:56:31 Fishinmissio Pewi
Thanks for the visit and your comment;)
November 22 2016 17:27:30
Hi Peter! What a great surprise finding this classical / modern track. I´m a big fan of flugelhorns and to be honest I did not imagine that this was made on an EWI before I read you words. It sounds so great. What I really like about this sound is the sound of your "breathing" through and in the start of the tones. It is very "natural".
+2 November 24 2016 17:55:29 Peterpingo Pewi
Hi Peter, thank you very much for the feedback! Good for me to hear from you that the sound of the Flugelhorn sounds natural. I always test on how I need a sound model that it sounds real.;)
November 22 2016 16:36:48
Den Ton des Flügelhorns kann ich nicht so gut beantworten wie Pexe. Aber das ganze Stück tönt fantastisch, passt wunderbar. Toll gemacht.
+1 November 24 2016 17:49:20 abuitremorem Pewi
Mir gefällt diese Art von Musik auch! Irgendwie Kopfkino. Ich danke Dir!
November 22 2016 16:13:00
very good Pewi...
+1 November 22 2016 17:47:20 slin Pewi
Thanks for listeningB)
November 22 2016 15:52:46
It's amazing what you can do with that EWI. Excellent!!
+2 November 22 2016 16:08:44 Bothen Pewi
Thank you very much my friend! Yes is really a fantastic tool;)
November 22 2016 15:28:26
YES Peter !! Excellent !! This Horn sounds excellent. I really love it !! Grosse Klasse und ein sehr cooler track !! :)
+1 November 22 2016 16:07:36 frankyguitar Pewi
Hi Frank, vielen Dank! Das mit den Sounds beim EWI ist so eine Sache. (s. Peixe) Nur so nebenbei, ist dein Gehör wieder in Ordnung? (Sorry, die Frage, ist wohl berufsbedingt, ich bin Pfleger:D)Ich hoffe, alles gut!
November 22 2016 19:08:52 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Hallo Peter, gut zu wissen :D wenn ich mal alt bin, melde ich mich nochmal zu diesem Thema :D
Ja, danke der Nachfrage, ist fast wieder auf altem Stand :)
November 22 2016 19:14:01 frankyguitar Pewi
Freut mich sehr!
November 22 2016 15:28:10
Marcelo DMarcelo D
Wonderful Peter. This is a perfect mistery soundtrack man.
Your Flugelhorn sounds real and not an EWI. Cool :)

+1 November 22 2016 16:02:36 Marcelo D Pewi
Hi Marcelo, first of all thank you for listening. I'm glad you like the Flugelhorn sound. I have listened to some YouTube Flugelhorn musicians to model the sound as well as possibleB)
November 22 2016 16:05:00 Marcelo D Marcelo D
You did quite a good sound modeling. Sounds perfect :)

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