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Psycho716 jams Supporter
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I found Blind-Dog, and AKchen's work to be simply awesome. The length has doubled now in order to play along side these guys =)

Thanks BD and AK !


November 25 2016 04:16:11
It is a very cool track. Excellent add!
+1 November 25 2016 18:40:56 garymcmill Psycho
Thanks Gary... one of the neater tracks I attempted lately. Was a kick to work on this one :)
November 24 2016 19:25:18
Another wonderful prove of your musical qualities and always to find the one that brings a track forward. Wonderful tune here Bruce !! :)
+1 November 25 2016 18:38:19 frankyguitar Psycho
That's so nice of you to say Franky... I appreciate it very much. I really enjoyed this one which makes it so much easier to add the instrument (Paula) :)
November 24 2016 18:28:51
what a cool complete works! Your inserts fit perfectly ... wow:)
+1 November 25 2016 18:36:01 Pewi Psycho
Thanks Pewi... I got a kick out of this one :)
November 24 2016 02:48:03
I really like this , great work Psy, cool tones & playing there !!
+1 November 24 2016 03:17:20 nuno1959 Psycho
Hi Nuno... it's been awhile. Thank you very much and I'm happy you like it my friend !! :)
November 23 2016 22:18:15
Incredible sound and playing, Bruce! :)
+2 November 24 2016 01:47:17 pkliesch Psycho
Pat, first to make it longer, but then to play from the heart. Two big steps on this one. Thanks my friend for the kind words :)
November 23 2016 18:11:12
Great !!! Super killer jam Psycho ! You picked a dandy and made it other worldly !!
+2 November 24 2016 01:45:19 HiFiFlutes Psycho
Thank you good friend... if you have read any of my other comments you know I am good with how this worked out :)
November 23 2016 17:08:51
hey Bruce, René told me about your add, not saw it ... now I do ... thank you so much, you play wonderful & I can feel you´re with <3
+1 November 24 2016 01:43:50 AKchen Psycho
Oh dear Andrea... I am so glad I heard your song. From the first time I heard it I wanted to play alongside you guys. The editing tools we have now allowed me to do just that. This has been great fun... and I am happy you like it. That means more to me than anything !! ;) !!
November 24 2016 02:35:01 AKchen AKchen
could not wish more than that :)
November 23 2016 15:29:58
This track shows once more that you are not only an excellent guitar player - great :)
+2 November 24 2016 01:39:17 abuitremorem Psycho
That's one of the kindest compliments I've had here... not sure how to react, except to thank you for everything and being a fine friend :) :)
November 23 2016 14:38:48
Your guitar adds in melodramatic a lot Bruce ! Great :)
+1 November 24 2016 01:37:06 titi Psycho
Must say, this was one of the few I've done that I really enjoyed... thank you titi :)
November 23 2016 13:36:06
wonderful add Bruce ;o)
+2 November 24 2016 01:36:18 Uloisius Psycho
Thank you Ulo... this was an undertaking that I really enjoyed :)

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