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+ 9
here is last 2 miutes of previous piece I posted Think the guitar pattern(chords are) fairly accurate


Yes!! Excellent sound on that guitar!+1
Cool template Mr. G !! I like it..+1
Fantastic Gemmy :)+1
November 23 2016 22:21:53
GemmyF :D:)B) +0
Awesome playing Jim.+1
November 23 2016 20:11:50
GemmyF thanks david!:) +0
Nice playing+1
November 23 2016 18:20:56
GemmyF :@Thanks Gary! +1
superb playing and great changes within :)+1
November 23 2016 17:38:13
GemmyF Thanks! So Much!:D +1
i love it <3+2
Very good Jim, like that a lot. Maybe a bit short :)+1
November 23 2016 12:31:37
GemmyF Yes it is!:D:D
When I started adding the 2nd guitar on the 6:15 piece I broke it down into three parts- cause I had just come up with this--kind of in the same shoes as someone just downloading a fresh piece. So anyway I played the Last part first--well because it had that --natural or unnatural break(my piezo died while playing(battery) unplugged and plugged into my "humbuckers only Jack" and kept playing. After I finished the piece was probably 7 minutes--- I trimmed out all the spurts and buzzes and pops of my dying battery. this left "this 2 minutes" and it seemed a natural break.

Anyway I did something I've not done before while laying out the 2nd guitar. I popped points on my Pan line when the guitar notes were changing. Since I had just recorded this "off the cuff" I didn't really know where the first guitar was going to go. These points really helped me make the chord changes. So I did that in the next 2 parts I didvided the song up into to play the 2nd guitar! It really saved me a hour or more of not making changes properly! It was cool I hope I do that always! now!
November 23 2016 13:47:34
frankyguitar Crazy story.... :) Which guitar you played here? Because the piezos.
Not many e-guitars have a piezo, from the start on....
November 23 2016 13:54:45
GemmyF I have a Godin. It has neck and bridge humbucker and single coil in middle. 5 way switch gets the quacky Straty sound on 2 and 4. I was playing the first parts of this (full version) mostly with piezo through my pedal with some glassy split coil mixed. which kind of softens the piezo. have 3 plugs in one is for Humbuckers/single and the other is for a Blend either all piezo--depending on Volume of Humbuker, the other plub is a 13 or 19 pin into a guitar synth +1
November 23 2016 14:12:26
frankyguitar Damn, to expensive for me. If I do a lotto profit I would buy a Parker in fully equipped :D or the Adrian Belew signature WOOOOOW :D +1
November 23 2016 14:23:03
GemmyF I saw an Old blues guy, Black and really old school player(I think he was on WoodSongs PBS Program) and he was playing a Parker. It was really funny! Usually a Strat the guy would play, but a Parker Fly. This guitar cost $800. Lot of money I know, but super versatile! Screams and does almost everything. I want to design and build the Perfect Tone guitar, but am lacking skills, enough woodworking tools and money. I have some great slabs of Mesquite to make a sweet "Texas Tone Torqueor" Would use alumatone pickups neck and bridge(split)able and two of their single coils in the middle and one plug for one of the middle single coils(separate vol and tone)so it could run out to it's own amp or pedal. These pickups are so clean and noiseless! +1

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