boxes stacked/drones shooting

+ 7
added guitar played on my special tuning guitar
HD track guitar only for remixing or editing


November 25 2016 23:41:54
PsychoPsycho Cool, everything about you is special :| Great job buddy !!!

November 25 2016 19:36:11
davidaustindavidaustin great add Jim:D:D, tried this with a slide... not good enough!!:@
+1 November 25 2016 19:42:54 davidaustinGemmyF
I must have played this---not sure how many times, but I finally played one that gave the space all the other music deserved.(though Joe-JMRukkers MIGHT think I stomped him down, and I did---BUT not out of malice, that is for sure---but his ambience is still felt in the piece--just not some of his fine playing is eveident with my thicker tones)

I think that is the hardest part in getting a good add. and sometimes it takes the perfect play to go along with.
November 25 2016 19:47:14 davidaustinGemmyF
try some slide that can be sung over in the verses on Keiton's #90802 That has great song potential.:o you'd have to real plain on the chorus though, cuz his guitar is almost enough there
November 25 2016 08:45:41
AKchenAKchen to cool !!!!!!
+1 November 25 2016 15:53:46 AKchenGemmyF
:Dcoffe barely working yet. You are right!
November 25 2016 02:15:31
mortheolmortheol Nice Rocker Jim:)
Love your style here!!

November 25 2016 01:49:57
Ernie440Ernie440 Really cool Jim, great playing man, you always bring something different and interesting to the table, this is a nice blend of styles me thinks! :)

November 25 2016 01:14:42
axenvocsaxenvocs nice track here mega jam
+1 November 25 2016 01:21:30 axenvocsGemmyF
Thanks Gar:)y!
November 24 2016 23:58:40
KeitonKeiton Great playing Gemmy :)
+1 November 25 2016 00:21:40 KeitonGemmyF
:DThanks Keiton!

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