Hear Her Call.(Additional Acoustic)

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I heard this wonderful song from Cody and Moonchild and I downloaded it to try to play the chords in some different positions. I made a recording of this one. It was a grat pleasure to work with the song and I hope you will like the result. Thanks to Cody and Moonchild for sharing this with us.

Thank you so much for listening.


December 21 2016 16:57:53
Woow!! Beautiful song :) :)
+1 December 21 2016 17:16:17 Mopa Peterpingo
Thanks Mopa. I think it´s a very nice song from Moonchild and Cody too. I´m glad you heard and liked it. :)
December 19 2016 13:09:12
Yes Peter! Great one!
+0 December 19 2016 13:18:16 Liesching Peterpingo
Thanks Liesching. Your comment is much appreciated. :)
December 07 2016 10:22:06
Guys, this track is so beautiful.
Both of the guitars and Moonchild´s beautiful voice. I love it.
Playlisted :)

+0 December 07 2016 10:36:57 goneone Peterpingo
Thanks danibert. On behalf of one of the guitar players I will say I´m very glad you like the track. :)
November 27 2016 03:45:29
+0 November 27 2016 03:56:48 heinzlet Peterpingo
Thanks Heinzlet. :)
November 26 2016 20:13:19
Your playing is adding a wonderful brilliance to the music... Very inspiring , sparkling and warm <3
+1 November 26 2016 20:31:00 moonchild Peterpingo
Thank you So much Moon. I was really taking away by this song. It has so much spirit. The text is so catching. As a matter of a fact it inspired me to read a little about the background for the song. The pipeline and the Sioux in North Dakota. :)
It was a very great pleasure to work with the song and to make the add.
November 26 2016 16:00:02
Well done ! Quiet and fine :-)
+0 November 26 2016 16:53:24 titi Peterpingo
Thanks Titi. Actually It was my whole idea. ( to be quiet ;) ) Codys guitar was (is) already perfect. I just wanted to make a little addition. So glad you like. :)
November 25 2016 18:48:19
Fantastic addition Peter... great listening to this one :)
+1 November 25 2016 19:03:55 Psycho Peterpingo
Thanks Bruce. I really enjoyed the song while making the add. I think it´s a very pretty song. And it already had one great guitar. So glad you like my friend. :)
November 25 2016 16:59:56
gently how you treat this beautiful song, you added such a lovely color here Peter!
+1 November 25 2016 17:39:48 aleonz Peterpingo
Thanks Alice. :) Cody already made a great guitar in this song. I just had to play and make a little add and play with these two "guys". I´m very pleased you like it.
November 25 2016 10:01:30
Wonderful play and add Peter !! Lovely tune !! :)
+1 November 25 2016 13:20:40 frankyguitar Peterpingo
Thanks franky. Yes I like this song very much too. :)
November 25 2016 08:43:32
wonderful Peter :)
+1 November 25 2016 13:19:13 ivax Peterpingo
Thanks Ivax. :) Glad you like.
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