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G'Day all...NooB here...I was impatient to upload something to see if my little tune is worthy of collaboration. Although I have been playing guitar since I was a kid...I never really learned what I was doin!...just emulating Floyd, Rush and Sabbath at Party's. I have recently decided to pick up the Guitar again and with a recently purchased DAW (Cubase 8 AI), Steinberg Ur22 interface along with a Bass and Digital Keyboard, I am teaching myself these "new to me" ...
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blues, rock, groove, driving, bass,


nice grooving track here MusicWorx :)+0
Cool job and sound! Welcome to wikiloops:)+0
January 02 2017 10:33:17
MusicWorx Thank you Jeebs...been out of my little studio for a that the depressing xmas season is out of the way, bak at it today! +1
Cool, great bass line!+0
January 02 2017 10:36:56
MusicWorx Thanks Slony...that lik was one i created many years ago on friends Rickenbacker that he received for Christmas...just decided over the summer to get one here for myself and start learning... +1
really nice bass and drum creation here MW :)+0
January 02 2017 10:41:38
MusicWorx Thanks GuitarPlyr, had to get myself another keyboard cause I was using my other one for a "drum machine" and busted some of the MT- Power Drum KIt now to save the new one... +0
Nice track and good bass sound!! Welcome!! :)+0
January 02 2017 10:45:51
MusicWorx Thanks Woodstock, been workin on gettin a decent sound out of my "pawn shop special of a base" and virtual amps I find free amp +1
January 02 2017 11:50:58
Woodstock Oh, can you show me the pawn shop!! :D +0
Hey Buddy:) cool track and a good sound, big welcome to the loops:);)+0
January 02 2017 10:49:52
MusicWorx Thanks Pete, yeah I like the groove I came up with too, seldom I am happy with what I create...part of the reason I am here at the Loops, (to see what others think)... +1
Welcome to the loops. Great start. Very lively and good sounding bassline.+0
January 02 2017 10:53:26
MusicWorx Thanks R, listening to my track again for the first time in a month, not so bad I said to myself...appreciate the Welcome wish!... +0
nice template :) welcome to the loops !+0
...THX all for the "Welcome Well Wishes" back to trying to get a better sound out of this bass...perhaps I should use a compressor instead of limiter to avoid the "farts" in this track...learn something new every day...if I could only remember what I learned :o+0
Welcome man :) Cool first track indeed!+0

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