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SupJax179 jams
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mix & 10Band day 1. sampling drums/percs/bass. stereo Electronica day 2. several setups, all new, all weird. played around with transformer ones and others a little more, got some nice tones & speech 15mb. 97db. primarily changed tempo, 140.4bpm i listened to phonix template when the download was done, wednesday, just finished 13 arrangements. fulltone stereo-delay on 2 autobots, one heavy bass, one freaky tech, another one, master-compressor, volumes, headphones, earphones. ah, nice. speakers. you better check this screenshot [url=]linked dropbox png[/url]. have
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Electronica, Trance, Transformers


a place to hide+0
how much work is that? It sounds like a lot+0
March 13 2018 02:58:38
SupJax >Description :)
open in a new tab, #90781 , and the link will show up. should explain it better than my broken tongue


and you may look at what Phonix did in his template of course. a full song itself
3:11 robotic humming, AMAZING! or is it flying gulls? This makes me imagine a flying carousel that is really a spaceship from a distant galaxy, unimagined. 5:21 leaves me wanting more, but not what comes next --> also , this is what you have as your -only- featured item? i may get it+1
March 13 2018 03:12:19
SupJax yes used to be THE electronica riFF. i was not able to shut the birds :@ really strange, fits hard. myself gets reminded of the sea.

i change my showcase from time to time. single jams, concept lists. if that's what you mean :@ right now i'm electronic flavored. it was the Ka-boom! yesterday :)
Major 3rd
wow, thats a wave of sound, much going on....nice work Sup! awesome:D+1
December 08 2016 11:04:01
Major 3rd
SupJax a long trip :) +0
December 01 2016 12:28:05
SupJax :D thanks +0
Fantastic work! Thanks for putting your time and effort into the piece its really captavating to listen too. Sounds really futuristic like a robot!
Really interesting tones aswell! :)
December 01 2016 13:04:41
SupJax ah.. sorry. i was going to hold Electronica right at 4:50. would be the first edit.. :)

it was a long way but cool. original bpm 129.4? :D i checked a few options, a question of drums/percs, pitches. compressor. 8 different ones til the final versiona

not much at all. 50% wasting time on strange synths. the 'gulls' was tricky. sounds annoying after a while lol. i was paying attention to robots. thanks for the run \m/ :)
at the first listen it is intriguing
the second listening lets filter nuances not heard the first time.
Third listening: it's captivating
December 01 2016 13:22:20
SupJax now that's a review. good times with these. i can be sure it was the right decision to focus phonix' template and spent 2 days on a lot of things. also nonsense :) but i'm glad i finished it, and you had fun listening. thanks for the note, appreciated +1
I agree this is one the best yet... well done buddy :)+1
December 01 2016 13:35:08
SupJax if it's about the voice .. - yes. my nerves :D
it's a good template, complete track. those easier. 100% addition. the 'gulls' need a better mix, but everything else is perfect. rocks on speakers, i'm happy
Finally -have waited a long time, wanted to write you already an email :) for me a lesson :) :) :)+1
December 01 2016 13:38:28
SupJax for any questions - ask :D
confuse screenshots :)
Nice work Jax ! :Y+1
December 01 2016 13:42:29
SupJax mANy tHaNKs!*'"^°´ +0

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