Fire and Ice

Remix step #2 (playing)
United States

Guitar & Bass & Keys:

mortheol252 jams Supporter
+ 15
This was a very cool track from Rob to build on.:D

I added synth bass, Synthesizer, and some lead guitar.

I have included a HD track that doesn't have my lead guitar if someone wants to add their own version.
It is pretty cool without it...I just didn't know when to stop:|

Thanks Rob, I hope you like it.....Enjoy:)


November 28 2016 11:15:45
a very good add mortheol...
+1 November 29 2016 13:44:12 slin mortheol
Thanks Slin, I appreciate you giving it a listen:)
November 27 2016 12:43:10
absolut cool ;o)
+1 November 27 2016 21:15:18 Uloisius mortheol
Hey Uli, Thanks very much:)
November 27 2016 06:02:35
Holy shit man!
+1 November 27 2016 21:14:57 B427 mortheol
Hey B427, I wonder if are referring to the "Holy Shit" mad bass on this;)
Because I mixed it with headphones late at night and just listened today thru my good speakers..."Holy Shit":o
Talk about some serious bass overkill on this...caught me off guard...headphones fool me ever time.:)
November 27 2016 21:17:22 B427 B427
Very heavy but good too. Lol. I have to check my stuff on like 3 different speakers, but not bad just super awesome heavy 😎
November 27 2016 21:25:00 B427 mortheol
Yeah...I hear ya' on the speakers;)
November 26 2016 22:34:48
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
I agree with garymcmill!
+1 November 27 2016 01:59:27 Major 3rd mortheol
Thanks Major:)
November 26 2016 19:47:51
Sweet killerness !!
HiFi said it well.

November 26 2016 16:20:35
Very cool Dark track Ron:);)
+1 November 27 2016 02:00:51 petebass mortheol
Thanks Pete:)
I should probably do something bright soon or people may think I am grim:)
November 26 2016 15:17:26
Very cool. Love the vibe.
+1 November 27 2016 02:01:31 2underpar mortheol
Thanks 2under:)
I am happy you like the vibe.
November 26 2016 13:47:19
Awesome what you did here Ron !! This is a most excellent work, has a lot of cool ideas! Great :)
+1 November 27 2016 02:02:16 frankyguitar mortheol
Thanks Franky:)
I am full of is the ability to execute them that is hard.
November 27 2016 14:16:31 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Thats the problem Ron... I know this too good
November 26 2016 11:33:32
Wow ... Totally left field, but it's fantastic. Never expected the track to turn into something like this. The beauty of The Loops, a wonderful surprise at every turn .... Thank you my dear friend ...This is Great !!! :D
+1 November 27 2016 02:04:47 RobM mortheol
Hi Rob, I am happy it worked out ok and you liked it:)
I didn't think you would expect this. I am still learning how to record and mix with my keyboard. I use something different for guitar so tying them all together is a new area for me. The loops is so great for all this experimentation and better when it comes out.:D
November 26 2016 10:28:35
you´re my king of sphery :)
+2 November 27 2016 02:06:21 AKchen mortheol
Andra I am so happy to be your "King of Sphery":D

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