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I wrote this, the last few days, about the speech of a small dictator.
We know this kind of blinders only too well. They are seduced by their own people. We know this ........ it gives nothing good and the seed is laid ......


November 28 2016 01:34:44
garymcmillgarymcmill We have little dictators here too there called big corporations.
Well done!

+1 November 28 2016 12:14:52 garymcmillfrankyguitar
Thanx a bunch Gary !!
And you are right, the next problem what we have to solve !!
November 27 2016 16:49:12
PewiPewi wOw, das sind die Momente, wo es mir kalt den Rücken runter läuft. Musik als Widerstand?
Ich kann zur Zeit keine Zeitung lesen, keine Nachrichten, weder am TV sehen noch im Radio hören.:@
Trotzdem, Deine Arbeit hier ist GUT!!

+1 November 27 2016 17:54:33 Pewifrankyguitar
Ohh, wo steckst Du? Keine Zeitung, keine Nachrichten.....
Nun ja, Widerstand? Ich rege mich nur auf über die Dummheit der Leute. Als nächstes führt Erdi das Präsidialsystem ein (der Ministerpräsident als Chef wird abgeschafft) und dasnächste ist dann das er sich als Präsident auf Lebenszeit von seiner AKP "wählen" lässt. So oder so ähnlich wird es kommen, da wette ich mein letztes Hemd drauf. :(
November 27 2016 13:30:01
UloisiusUloisius HAMMER ;)
Was für ein cooler Track franky :Y

+1 November 27 2016 17:50:06 Uloisiusfrankyguitar
Dankeschön Uli !! Musste mich mal wieder aufregen :)
November 27 2016 11:10:07
FurlanoFurlano Franck Zappa is zapping !!! :D
+1 November 27 2016 17:30:56 Furlanofrankyguitar
Thanx very much Nono !! Zappa is a Ikone !! His creativity and ability was awesome :)
November 27 2016 05:57:59
axenvocsaxenvocs Bro this is your finest hour !!
+1 November 27 2016 17:29:35 axenvocsfrankyguitar
Thanx so much Gary, much appreciate !! :)
November 27 2016 04:03:26
abuitremoremabuitremorem total cool and so creativ :):))
+1 November 27 2016 17:28:53 abuitremoremfrankyguitar
Dankeschön Rene !! :) Eigentlich habe ich keinen Bock mehr auf Politik, sind alle mehr oder weniger korrupt. Aber wenn das die Alternative ist, NEIN DANKE !!
November 27 2016 03:09:49
nuno1959nuno1959 Awesome template/mix Franky. Indeed, why, oh why….. :(
+1 November 27 2016 17:26:20 nuno1959frankyguitar
Thanx very much Nuno ! ! Everywhere, history repeats itself, more or less. Sad. :)
November 27 2016 02:49:13
PeterpingoPeterpingo Great work Franky. And great you bring up the topic in music. Respect. :)
+1 November 27 2016 15:30:31 Peterpingofrankyguitar
Thanx very much Peter !! :) I try to say what I think with music.....
Be warned from this guy
November 27 2016 16:34:35 PeterpingoPeterpingo
That´s a good way to make music. ;) I do the same now and then. But the rest of the time I do it without tones and chords. :o *LOL*
November 27 2016 02:20:42
mortheolmortheol :o WoW :o
Amazing work Frank !!!
I watched the video..that man is a fool:(

+1 November 27 2016 15:23:08 mortheolfrankyguitar
You cannot say this, it is Majesty's Affliction !!!! :D
He is the Turkish President. What he say is a law !! And he is dangerous...... every day disappears people
November 27 2016 01:51:48
kmoon235kmoon235 Cool work Franky. To quote a country song here: "God is great, beer is good and people are crazy" is my thinking as why people keep making the same mistakes (as you mentioned below).
Hell, my dog is the smartest person I know (oops, may have just insulted my dog):)

+3 November 27 2016 15:19:03 kmoon235frankyguitar
LOL, I think your dog will forgive you :D
I think you are right.....
Thanx very much Keith!!

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