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Yesterday I just pressed the record button and played after a Biondi Santi red :) No practice, no metronom, just let it come. I hesitated last night to share because it´s pretty hard to add anything on this one. But today I don´t mind. :) Cheers, Loopers.


Cheers Marc - its beautiful:)+1
francisco al
bom trabalho, Liesching. bonito+1
so glad you uploaded this lovely piece Marc, a fine start to a Sunday morning for me :)+1
I wasn't updated on this masterpiece... this is so wonderful and expressive:) 100/10+1
Another masterpiece by Liesching. Very interesting, here and there a bit melancholic start which changes soon and leads to these very positive, consoling and relaxing harmonies which are Liesching´s trademark.+1
OK it might be hard (are any of yours easy?)'s still a download and it's gorgeous.+1
Hi Marc, congratulations for this imrpovisation. I'm not sure to be able to create such a beauty after drinking ! :o
I would have surely played a terrible thing completely dissonant. Lol. Thank you for sharing your musical experiments ! ;)
December 01 2016 15:28:29
Liesching Ah, ah... thanks dear Agnès. Just a single glas of red, no drinking. :) I'm sure you'd still handle your harp very well after some Biondi Santi. Best. Marc +0
Please don't stop drinking even Italian's wine :)
I would like to be your neighbour, then when usualy neighbours ask for "some flour or sugar" I would ring at your door and ask you "do you have a piano piece for my mind":) I hope you have some comfortable seats in your living room
December 01 2016 15:41:22
Liesching You 're welcome any time! But don't forget to bring some french red wine to our jam session then. +1
Jazzig und klassisch zugleich, super Track li Bru+1
Some red wine, a comfy chair and good company. When someone can evoke a scene and/or a feeling like that, you have it. :) Thank you for always bringing good scenes/feelings to me head :)+1

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