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So I am browsing around here..alto sax in hand and hear this wonderful work from Peixe and Ernie440. This is the first shot...I tried a couple other takes..Funny how sometimes the first time sounds best to us. Love it Peixe and Ernie! Thanks..Hope you like my ad :)


December 03 2016 12:05:54
TuTu Wow I could swim in this ocean of sound all day!

December 01 2016 01:52:05
PsychoPsycho Yup, the first is usually the best... well done Fish... enjoyed the beauty of that sax :)
+1 December 01 2016 01:53:33 PsychoFishinmissio
:)..Not always with
November 30 2016 20:46:53
FurlanoFurlano Super sound, Fish !!!
+1 December 01 2016 01:10:23 FurlanoFishinmissio
Thank you Furiano :)
November 30 2016 18:01:06
2underpar2underpar Very nice Fish. Your sax transports me to the stream where wild trout swim, even as I sit here in my den.
+1 December 01 2016 01:12:39 2underparFishinmissio
You should come visit sometime..Google up Deschutes Trout..about a 2 hour drive from my house..or..if you ever wanna get a Chinook Salmon..I can hook you up :)
December 01 2016 01:34:51 2underpar2underpar
Thanks for the invite. I haven't been to the west coast since boot camp 1984 (San Diego). One day I may take you up on that. We have a lot of stocked trout streams and lakes in western Pa. and a few wild brook trout streams (a lot more in northern Pa). And of course there is the Erie steelhead. I live around several good fishing spots, to include a small stocked lake just down the hill from my house, where you can find me casting a streamer several days a week.
December 01 2016 01:45:25 2underparFishinmissio
Best time for salmon is late August through September.. Deschutes is world famous catch n release trout fishery..nit too sure about the best times
December 01 2016 01:50:15 2underpar2underpar
I just picked up another St. Croix 9' 6wt rod the other day. Hoping to try it on a local stream tomorrow.
November 30 2016 15:43:52
Ernie440Ernie440 Yep, like Xavi said, absolutely awesome Mark, takes the song to a whole new level! Very cool, like how you wove your sax lines into this one. Thanks for great add :)
+1 December 01 2016 01:46:02 Ernie440Fishinmissio
Thanks Eenie..You guys sucked me in :)
November 30 2016 03:00:37
ivaxivax Awesome :) absolutamente genial Fish

November 30 2016 02:37:28
GemmyFGemmyF :DSuper
Maybe I could try some
Bryan Ferry inspired vocals


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