Remember Mother Earth

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A visual: I hesitated to include a video due to a little steroid weight gain (20+lbs since my last video) but it is what it is. Rest assured all is well and the pain is gone(mostly). But I felt this ...


November 30 2016 18:42:53
heinzlet Hey there, nice drumming... I loved it. Thank you for jamming with me:)+1
November 30 2016 18:52:13
2underpar Glad you like it. It was my pleasure to join in. +1
November 30 2016 17:25:49
mecanuman Soft and subtle.+1
November 30 2016 17:46:36
2underpar Thanks. I never try to play over top the others. I like to hear my percussion as part of the background and not the focal point. +1
November 30 2016 15:17:50
petebass Hey Bill:) nice choice of drum style for this track.Sorry to hear you've not been well, hope you are on the mend and feeling hopefully a lot better, take care buddy:);)+1
November 30 2016 16:05:01
2underpar Just the pains of getting old. I'm glad you like my interpretation. I was trying to be a little "4 way independent", like the old jazz drum masters. +1
November 30 2016 14:22:08
moonchild I love this :D Thank you for beautiful cymbal work and your sparing use of the bass drum gives it great impact. And thank you for the video! I been thinking a lot about how cool it would be to take a jam to the next lever, having all the musicians submit video and then combine the videos in to one video! Probably been done on here before... But seeing you play along to this reminds me of how amazing wikiloops.+1
November 30 2016 16:24:39
2underpar Thanks Moon, I tried to do something very different from your drum track (which is great). It's great seeing the crossroads and paths songs take on wiki. The bass drum was very intentional. I actually EQ'd it a little for a greater impact. And I tried to make the ride cymbal and hi-hat sound as if you were holding an old time piece to your ear and listening to it tick. It took several mic placement adjustments but I think it worked in the end.

The video idea you mentioned sounds cool. It would make for some great viewing seeing the other loopers in action. Glad you like what I've done and the work I put into it.
November 30 2016 06:24:59
Major 3rd
Major 3rd :Dgives a sense of flow like a stream flowing....perfect!!!! talking about water too! very cool ..what a great message :D+1
November 30 2016 12:07:24
Major 3rd
2underpar Thanks Major! The one intentional aspect of my playing is the steady hi-hat trying to represent the "time" theme. Thanks for listening and the comment. +0
November 30 2016 05:37:00
GemmyF great job Bill! Maybe the best drums I've heard you play!:D+1
November 30 2016 05:40:13
2underpar Thanks Jim. I think the visual presentation is the key to what I felt. +1
November 30 2016 05:42:36
GemmyF I hear it, and saw it! +1
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