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New Zealand
Saxophone & Mandolin:
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Been in down mood until a monster muso friend came by for a jam today. No practice ...just go...barely kept up yet had lots of fun...sort of managed the rhythm by the end. Welcome to join in. More to come if you like it. The Mandolin player is Tristan Hancock. Am trying to have him join up, but he's a pro and doesn't have a lot of time I guess.


I like the dialogue between the excited mandolin and the relaxed sax ;o)+1
December 07 2016 19:55:53
Wade Thanks Uli. I can assure you it was a difficult dialogue. Tristan is a very "excited" player. He may even get me to play a bit faster...who knows? Very well observed! +0
Fantastic collaboration Wade. it's nice to listen to music to this great level. I love the great spontaneity of this jam played with the heart as well as with technical.+1
December 03 2016 20:22:01
Wade Very kind of you Stef...maybe too kind? Tristan is an amazing player. I'm kind of just tagging along. Hopefully we will have other sessions soon and I'll have a better grasp of his musical thinking. In the meanwhile I'm taking the rest of what happened at that session and re recording my bits. +1
Jammin at its best!!+1
December 03 2016 20:20:07
Wade Thanks Marc. Well, I'm not really at my best...kind of behind a bit. First time we've played together. Will take a while for me to understand his musical thinking. +0
tristan HANCOCK, great, wade also, cool jam, i realy like this!+1
December 02 2016 23:59:25
Wade Thanks Earlstevern. So good of you to have a listen and comment. +0
Awesome :) wonderful duo,fantastic Wade and Tristan+1
December 02 2016 23:58:44
Wade Thanks so much Xavi. This was pretty difficult for me. Tristan is amazing! +1
all hail Tristan! - mandolin?!? can't say I've ever heard one sound like this before.
his line sets a very cool and jumping mood.
and YOU bring the Joy, Wade. barely kept up? oh piffle! you were there from the start, anticipating his musical mind. i love the spots where we hear him work his instrument - such a splendid study in focus. 1:38 - 2:10: so nice, Wade! finish was delicious. you truly know how to listen to your partner and magically complement whatever direction he goes. loved this from the both of you. :)
December 02 2016 23:57:52
Wade Ah yes, your impeccable ears are right. Hes playing a six (single) string mandolin (one octave above the guitar but otherwise a guitar). He has this running through a box and can do one octave down bass lines as well.

So kind of you to say I kept up...barely. My old fingers and lip just aren't that fast.

Thanks so much for the listen and comments. So Kind!
Great piece by you two, this is pure gold. Great to listen to you again my friend, I was busy and disconnected from the loops.

Cheers, and as Psy said, keep the mood high and take care :)
December 02 2016 23:54:45
Wade Thanks Guadana. Hey, if I just keep breathing life is OK! +1
Sweet jam sesh !!+1
December 02 2016 23:53:55
Wade Cheers Whitepongo. +0
I really got a kick out of this. As one person said. More, more, and more !! Sometimes it's hard, but Keep that mood up high my friend :)+1
December 02 2016 23:53:39
Wade Thanks Mr B. Hey, I'm just old and not that technically proficient, so VERY hard for me to keep up! More to come. +1
Love it ... utterly enthralling !! :)
More More More !!! :D
December 02 2016 23:52:48
Wade Thanks Rob, more to come soon. +1

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