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So previous file I added a reverse delay track way of center point, I mixed down(but before that I tried recording a Vocal track with my headphones so I could get some feedback squeal but I didn't have enough distortion)
So after mixing down I imported back in and started a new area with just that track and began adding sound effect(s).
OH YEAH something I did to the track was to speed up and slow down and adjust reverb along the timeline and volumes and pans


December 01 2016 01:53:35
You crazy kids... Keep in down... I'm trying to sleep.
+1 December 01 2016 03:25:54 2underpar GemmyF
Alright ya'll He's asleep now!!!:D:oPar'tay
December 01 2016 00:32:17
Awesome :) somewhere in the planet, between mountains and valleys
+1 December 01 2016 01:01:41 ivax GemmyF
cuando yo pienso los dos lugars, que bonito, los dos, y el telephono is para ti! "Bueno!""Ah si yo puedo", "Mi amor tu nescitas, baja el volumen del musica de GemmyF los gente al lado dicen es muchicsimo Loco y alto voz"
December 01 2016 01:19:04 ivax ivax
This song perfectly could be The Shining... soundtrack....:D
December 01 2016 01:31:05 ivax GemmyF
Shining? "Here's Johnny", Shining? "redrum" Shining? I think it is KMstar's
video soundtrack....see below!
December 01 2016 01:47:10 ivax ivax
je,je!!It says Ken, also seems to place the scene, but I'm still seeing tricycle running down the Hall, with the twins of foot calling, "come play with us Danny"
December 01 2016 01:48:55 ivax GemmyF
Are you running?
December 01 2016 01:52:29 ivax ivax
I am enjoying with the listen :)
November 30 2016 22:37:34
Reminds me of another smash hit, Train Wreck in D Good job Jim, when you make music out of chaos you have musical chaos.
+1 November 30 2016 22:39:23 Bothen GemmyF
Awww Shucks, Ron you make me blush!
November 30 2016 22:32:09
I imagine a man standing on a soap box conducting his heart out and there is no one there but nature and his mind, he looks a lot like Frank Zappa
+1 November 30 2016 22:36:33 KMstar GemmyF
Ken you got to stop with all that imagining stuff. It will only lead to trouble. H!A!(so:|rry I'm all sugared up)
November 30 2016 22:11:01
You search the peace and the music!
+2 November 30 2016 22:12:15 josepssv GemmyF
December 01 2016 21:29:58 josepssv josepssv
We (me too) know how to get out of complicated situations. We like to obtain, we seek the tranquility, the peace that gives beautiful music
November 30 2016 22:06:55
Genius !! Schoenberg on ecstasy :D Great Soundcollage, I really like this. Will come up with something !! :D But could be at the weekend. Have to do some real things :(
+1 November 30 2016 22:10:09 frankyguitar GemmyF
Just don't make PEXE break his soundcard, he's in a manic low right now!
November 30 2016 22:15:55 frankyguitar frankyguitar
:D I'll give him the rest :D LOL
November 30 2016 21:57:53
ill break my soundcard!
+1 November 30 2016 21:59:39 Pexe GemmyF
You don't like?:@

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