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Great track by Cody. I join him here with guitar. Thanks Cody Thanks for listening.


Wondering who are some of your influences are. I hear an over all jazz influence in there. I can tell you have been playing for a long time...+1
April 22 2017 23:57:48
FrankieJ Began playing guitar in 1970 (age 12) after trying drums for about a year.
List of influences is long and accumulated over the years but I think my most profound influences early and in order can be narrowed down to about 5.
Chet Atkins, Dickey Betts, David Gilmour, Frank Marino and Al Dimeola.

I supported myself playing guitar for years in the rock, blues and country genres but most interesting to me is that I never really had/took the opportunity to play what I consider jazz styles until joining wikiloops a couple years ago.

I find the genre fascinating and wish I had dabbled with it much earlier.
Today I listen a lot to greats like Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour.
I'm not ashamed to admit I try to learn some of their techniques.
My gosh such awesome players.
How long for you?
April 13 2018 18:23:54
Ernie440 eh .. you're only a year older than me dude, but playing music longer .. 12 is a good time to start ... :D Imagine how good you'd be if you had started at 3 or 4 .. hehehe +1
April 13 2018 21:01:56
FrankieJ :D
Mother and dad says I had an earlier interest but I dont remember it :)
April 13 2018 21:06:27
Ernie440 haha .. that's great Frankie, and what a nice stage outfit!! :D Speaking of that other Frank, he's still at it after all these years, great little solo in this! [youtube]zd5MA4sKefI[/youtube] +1
April 13 2018 21:31:46
FrankieJ Oh yeah! I've always been a huge fan of Marino. I was fortunate to hang out with him for a couple days back in the 70's. My band opened for them at the Agora in Columbus, Ohio circa 1977.

The club had pool tables back stage and Marino came in during sound checks and played pool with us. He came strolling in with guitar in hand, picked up a cue stick all while still riffing with one hand. I almost passed out :) He is a great guy personally as well.
April 13 2018 21:51:29
Ernie440 Very cool recollection Frankie .. yeah, he does seem like a nice down to earth kind of guy ... for a Canadian .. haha! :D:W +1
francisco al
muito legal, FrankieJ. bom trabalho meu amigo. você é bom de guitarra. solo com frases difícil+1
Hey guys.. it is not even 7am here and I want to dance :) Cooool!!+1
you can't beat a nice bit of reggae..nice one Cody and FrankieJ+1
Fantastic! Love it!;)+1
awesome guitarwork!+1
December 04 2016 21:24:56
FrankieJ thanks John :) +0
Sensationally good!:o+1
December 03 2016 19:33:47
FrankieJ thanks Pewi :) +0
I think I'm now addicted by the magical sound of this guitar! Fantastic Frankie! :)+1
December 03 2016 19:34:17
FrankieJ thanks Stef :) :) +0
very cool FrankieJ...+1
December 01 2016 19:27:47
FrankieJ thanks slin :) +0
great stuff Frankie:);)+1
December 01 2016 19:28:04
FrankieJ thanks pete :) +1

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