A Mighty Moon Shines

Remix step #4 (playing)
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Added an intro, mid solo, and short outro.

A vocal would be nice, but hey, I'm never picky =)


December 05 2016 22:23:33
Eh, eh, eh… Now, who's sounding SUPER reptilian !?
Super cool add Psy, i loved this buddy ;)

+1 December 06 2016 00:08:33 nuno1959 Psycho
Thanks Nuno... I guess I learned it from you my friend... I am a reptile lover myself :)
December 03 2016 17:18:10
Wow, that fits fantastic! The Outro is awesome!:o
+1 December 06 2016 00:09:29 Pewi Psycho
Thanks Pewi... these are my favorite type jams... kind of a western sound :)
December 03 2016 14:31:30
Wow! terrific solos Bruce! Your amazing sound! :)
+1 December 03 2016 16:57:28 Stef Psycho
Thanks again Stef... this is the sound I try to find (sometime I lose it) :) This was good fun to play and hope it attracts others :)
December 02 2016 21:56:59
Powa' guitar Bruce :) Wild and authentic flavor, sound very nice, Les Paul I presume ... Thanks
+1 December 03 2016 00:43:54 GuitarPlyr Psycho
Oh yes indeed... the 'ol LP is almost what I always play unless I want a single coil sound. Man, you sure have a good composition here and I had a blast joining in... Thanks GP :)
December 02 2016 20:32:33
hé cool mélodie psycho :)
+1 December 03 2016 00:41:55 wikibeb Psycho
Hey, I appreciate it Beb... thanks for the nice words my friend :)
December 02 2016 19:25:24
Super cool Bruce, great guitar.:D
+1 December 03 2016 00:38:54 davidaustin Psycho
Thanks David, this was a cool one for once :)
December 02 2016 14:50:13
Nice work Psy !!
+1 December 03 2016 00:31:26 WHITEPONGO Psycho
Thanks Chris... I had no idea this would go over well. My thoughts always seem to be the opposite of what others think. Go figure :)
December 02 2016 12:48:11
Great solo Bruce!! :)
+1 December 03 2016 00:29:32 Woodstock Psycho
Thanks Woody... this is a great one to jam on. Love these western sounding gigs :)
December 02 2016 12:39:22
Yep! This is very cool my friend. Sounds great Bruce. Glad you joined in with us!! :);) Nice to find this, this a.m. :D
+1 December 03 2016 00:28:20 Ernie440 Psycho
Hey there Ernie... it was your track that inspired me to play on this and I really appreciate the opportunity to do these with fine players such as yourself. Thanks all the way around my friend :)
December 02 2016 11:24:33
Great add mate!! Great track by you all, is akind of mixture between Allman Brothers and ZZ Top Tejas era.
+1 December 03 2016 00:26:21 Guadaña Psycho
Thanks G... it was definitely a good one to play on. I have a full lead for it but will probably never post it. Share and share alike is something I've learned well here :)
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