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It is a little known fact that the eggplant is really a fruit.:|
Because of this the other vegetables in the kingdom honestly don't like the eggplant, because he is really a fruit...and because he is purple!!:o
All the other fruits in the land also don't like the eggplant, because they think he is vegetable...and...well..because he is purple!!!:@
BUT..there is one very nice Apple that likes this eggplant and they became very good friends...against all odds in the fruit and vegetable kingdom.:)
So, the moral of this story is Eggplants have feelings and they need love...even if they are purple.:P
This song is dedicated to that special apple in my life;)


December 03 2016 03:44:31
ivaxivax Hey Ron :) fantastic, beautiful melody, I love, I am a fan of the eggplant :D

December 03 2016 02:29:38
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Fantastic, I grew up on apple farm and we grow purple eggplant too :) Great jam man :)
+1 December 03 2016 02:59:19 HiFiFlutesmortheol
Wow...Imagine that, than you completely understand what it is like for those poor eggplants???;)
Thanks Chris!:)
December 02 2016 22:42:58
StellaStella I am the eggplant...I am the goo g'joob 😊
Really cool Ron x

+1 December 03 2016 02:57:15 Stellamortheol
I thought I was the eggplant?:|
Thanks Stella;)
December 02 2016 21:35:18
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Beautiful musical picture you painting here mister :)
+1 December 03 2016 02:57:36 GuitarPlyrmortheol
Thank you very much GP:)
December 02 2016 19:21:10
davidaustindavidaustin over eggagerated those plants! but a damn cool track Ron:D:DB):D
+1 December 02 2016 19:29:07 davidaustinmortheol
Dave, the plants...they speak to me:|
I am a plant whisperer...LOL:P
I am glad you like this one.
I left a lot of empty space;)
December 02 2016 17:40:15
petebasspetebass Great solo track Ron:);)
+1 December 02 2016 19:30:23 petebassmortheol
Thanks Pete:)
These give me a chance to practice how to mix and see if it comes out good!
December 02 2016 11:05:05
axenvocsaxenvocs Sweet man I love eggplant
+1 December 02 2016 13:42:49 axenvocsmortheol
You see Gary, this is why we are friends. You understand the eggplant;)
Thank you for your support:D
December 02 2016 10:52:58
abuitremoremabuitremorem Again a very great track of you Ron - congratulate :):):)
+1 December 02 2016 13:36:36 abuitremoremmortheol
Thanks Rene, I am working at putting more parts together:D
December 02 2016 06:14:36
1969orange1969orange Nice one Morth...Like it it a lot my friend...How many different tracks did it take to put this together?
+1 December 02 2016 13:51:31 1969orangemortheol
Hey '69 Thanks a lot!!:)
Oh many tracks here?:|
I actually played 4 instruments. Acoustic guitar - 3 tracks, Electric guitar - 2 tracks, Bass guitar - 1 track, Keyboard - 2 tracks.
Ok...math time:|B)
I think that is 8 tracks total?..:o
December 03 2016 06:23:26 1969orange1969orange
I don't know how you do it...I have trouble just trying to sync 2 tracks
December 02 2016 05:54:04
frankyguitarfrankyguitar So fantastic Ron! Excellent play, feel and pedalwork !! And I love the story behind !! Do you know other relationships in this world? Please let me know this 😀 :)
+1 December 02 2016 13:41:14 frankyguitarmortheol
Thank you Frank:)
Yes I believe the story really helps to "set the stage" for this song.
I know many more such relationships in our world, but I shall save them for another time my Friend:D;)

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