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For a very good friend...The Apple.


December 31 2016 15:50:24
I wanted to read again the tale... but... ? disapeared. You had a very good idea to write a text which matches with your music. I like this concept ! I like your music too that makes me dream and allows me to work in music ...<3
+1 December 31 2016 15:53:54 Caroljoyce mortheol
Agnes...You are so, so kind<3
I mistakenly deleted my text from the description with the new format.
It was a funny story I made up.:)
I will PM you what I wrote:D
December 31 2016 16:02:56 Caroljoyce Caroljoyce
Great. Thank you very well !
December 10 2016 02:06:12
Super job here Ron... one of these days I'll catch on to one of these :)
+1 December 10 2016 19:45:32 Psycho mortheol
Thanks Bruce:)
You know I would be happy if someday you jammed on something of mine...always an open door;)
December 05 2016 18:48:57
very good and a great feeling mortheol...
+1 December 06 2016 04:02:49 slin mortheol
Thank you Slin:)
December 05 2016 14:27:44
francisco alfrancisco al
ótima ideia. ficou muito legal, mortheol
+1 December 06 2016 04:02:28 francisco al mortheol
Thank you very much Francisco.
December 03 2016 03:44:31
Hey Ron :) fantastic, beautiful melody, I love, I am a fan of the eggplant :D
+1 December 04 2016 20:34:26 ivax mortheol
Thanks Xavi, I appreciate the compliment:)
Eggplant is good!!:)
December 03 2016 02:29:38
Fantastic, I grew up on apple farm and we grow purple eggplant too :) Great jam man :)
+1 December 03 2016 02:59:19 HiFiFlutes mortheol
Wow...Imagine that, than you completely understand what it is like for those poor eggplants???;)
Thanks Chris!:)
December 02 2016 22:42:58
I am the eggplant...I am the goo g'joob 😊
Really cool Ron x

+1 December 03 2016 02:57:15 Stella mortheol
I thought I was the eggplant?:|
Thanks Stella;)
December 02 2016 21:35:18
Beautiful musical picture you painting here mister :)
+1 December 03 2016 02:57:36 GuitarPlyr mortheol
Thank you very much GP:)
December 02 2016 19:21:10
over eggagerated those plants! but a damn cool track Ron:D:DB):D
+1 December 02 2016 19:29:07 davidaustin mortheol
Dave, the plants...they speak to me:|
I am a plant whisperer...LOL:P
I am glad you like this one.
I left a lot of empty space;)
December 02 2016 17:40:15
Great solo track Ron:);)
+1 December 02 2016 19:30:23 petebass mortheol
Thanks Pete:)
These give me a chance to practice how to mix and see if it comes out good!

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