I'll Fly to You

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Very nice song by DFD, Peixe, and Alice :) I'd appreciate any critical feedback on how the bass is mixed! I don't usually apply any tone shaping to my recordings other than a 50 Hz roll off, but I experimented on this one.


Lenny Cowler
January 17 2017 05:45:30
Lenny Cowler
jaeusm Thank you :) +1
Hi Jason, Sorry I forgot to add this song to my watchlist, and since I'm not on the tree so I missed the remixes for this track, I always know you never failed on delivered that wonderful bass for the song you play..this one is just one of the example , you know what the song need.

I maybe once told you about wanting to hear your bass a bit up to the surface, and I'm so happy to hear this mix, cos I can hear your sweet line more to the present. in my opinion it's in a good level, maybe just a little tiny tweak on eq, but again it's about personal taste right...for me I like to hear the bass come up on the song...but other people maybe not feel the same...but well...I always love your play ! and i like the things you did here :)
January 17 2017 05:48:44
jaeusm Thank you Alice:)
I always appreciate critical feedback. Its a very nice song you've sung here :)
Marcelo D
Superb add jason. Its an honor. What a great playing man. Loved everything. Wow!!!+1
December 16 2016 23:18:05
Marcelo D
jaeusm Thank you. Its always fun to add to your great piano tracks :) +0
Playing, sound and mix down perfect! Fantastic Jason!! :)+1
December 03 2016 19:52:03
jaeusm Thank you Stef :) +0
And of course the Listener can alwayys set there own Preference with an Equalizer ...which is Limitless+1
December 03 2016 19:51:35
jaeusm That is true. I wonder how often wikiloops listeners modify playback sound with an equalizer. If they're like me, they never do :) +1
December 03 2016 20:30:58
FrankieJ I never modify playback eq when just
listening to a track. My system playback eq is default/disabled/flat.
However, many times I end up increasing the bass guitar eq louder when I am adding something to a track. I then have to always remember to return the track to its original mix at mixdown.
I really need that bass in my ear when I play. Probably stems from years of playing in a trio. I was always very dependent on my bassman :)
It's true..it really depends alot on the listeners playback sound sysyem.
What I'm hearing sounds Perfect.
Everyones Part Sounds Well Balanced in Volume and Dynamics in Relation to Each Other.
The Sound is Perfect !
The Song is Perfect !
This is A Perfect Example of Great Wiki Recording Technique.
We can All Learn From This One.
December 03 2016 19:49:23
jaeusm Thank you very much Frank. I appreciate the feedback :) +0
Very cool! Bass sounds very good, it could be a touch lower in the mix perhaps, it now competes a little bit with the vocals at times, although a bit more prominence on the vocals would probably be better yet.+1
December 03 2016 19:47:18
jaeusm Thank you jmrukkers. I appreciate the feedback and your willingness to give it :) +1
Excellent work Jason.
I listened using two different headsets I use on my stuff.
The first set the volume of the bass seemed a little loud.
Second set sounded perfect. Go figure. Same brand, similar specs on the phones. Best I can do my friend.
December 03 2016 19:45:12
jaeusm Thank you Frankie. I have the same issue with a couple pair of my headphones, too. I very much appreciate the feedback :) +1
cool.... ♪♪♪♪+1
December 03 2016 19:43:06
jaeusm Thank you :) +0

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