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Another bunch of riffs put together to pretend they're a tune… or me doing what i do best : fooling around w/ my fx & bass ;) I like the fact that i somehow managed to record this one w/ some extra ''girth'' on the lower freqs, often a shortcoming of my recordings : live it sounds just right, recorded it looses some low end.. Damn, if only i could make sense of this recording business.. but i really don't + ...


Oh I dig it :-)+1
December 05 2016 23:25:25
nuno1959 Am glad you do buddy, glad you do.. ;) +0
I guess my ears (and stereo) are not good enough to hear the subtleties of editing...I hear good music and VERY NUNO!+1
December 04 2016 20:17:31
nuno1959 Thanks for that but there was no editing, i had just a couple of separate riffs which i joined playing & got this tune recorded 1st take
When it happens & it goes smoothly, it's the best feeling ever.. ;)
wonderful Track ;o)

1:33 - 2:01 <3
December 04 2016 20:19:08
nuno1959 Thanks so much, good feeling knowing you enjoyed it !! ;) +0
Very cool Nuno! Like always a pleasure to you bass playing :)+1
December 04 2016 16:05:32
nuno1959 Glad it is Franky because i sure enjoy playing them.. ;);) +0
nice foolin around :) the multiple voicings plus delays thats what makes something like this a hell to mix right ;)+2
December 04 2016 15:46:48
nuno1959 Thanks a lot OliV ! And yeah, tell me about it… :O
Plus to help matters further, while i manage to keep my picking dynamics in check of my rather ''energetic'' pick playing, recording it's another matter..
Drives me nuts :(
December 04 2016 15:49:27
OliVBee the secret to capture the dynamic is to keep ALOT headroom to work with once the recording is done ;) +1
December 04 2016 15:52:01
nuno1959 That's exactly what drives me nuts - while i DO understand the concepts…. Hell to me is knowing how to go about implementing them +1
December 04 2016 16:10:50
OliVBee like i said already in the past : make sure you get an average input lvl of around 10db ;) +1
December 04 2016 16:14:51
nuno1959 The difference in quality was such after you 1st told me that, that's one thing i do pay the utmost attention !
Those 1st recordings of mine were disgraceful, input overloads, distortion,peaks.. yuck !!
I could almost hear you cringe 3000 miles away… :D
fantastic riffs, Nuno!!! I think you have a very nice composition here, man... ;) almost of tunes are a bunch of chords, for sure :D, ;) Gosto disto...+1
December 04 2016 15:40:10
nuno1959 MUITO obrigado JJ ! Am very glad you enjoyed listening.. ;) +0
Enjoyed this a lot Nuno! Bacon4you! ;)+1
December 04 2016 14:50:29
nuno1959 AH !! Now we're cooking !!
Thank you very much … ''Bacon GrandMaster'' !! :D :D
Really Really cool... keep them coming:D+1
December 04 2016 14:49:22
nuno1959 Thanks a lot buddy & i promise i will.. ;) +1
So cool man! Really, great stuff buddy. :);) Startin' werking on one of your tracks the other day .. haha bass on bass ... not sure how that might work .. :)+1
December 04 2016 04:07:17
nuno1959 Thanks Ernie, very glad you liked it !! Now.. bass on bass ?
Works deliciously fine but then again.. i'm not biased for bass AT ALL :D
cody tripp
Super Awesome Nuno+1
December 04 2016 04:08:56
cody tripp
nuno1959 Thanks a lot Cody, it's almost immoral how much fun i have doing these.. ;) ;) +0

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