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Playing around with another octaver/pitch shifter tweak, i had a couple of riffs in my head i thought would go coolíssimo together !? Am i right, am i wrong ? Who knows ? i know you'll know for sure…LOL.. Regardless, recorded 1st take, half known/half improvised - warts & all The title comes from the fact that while recording this, GarageBand decided to ''erase'' the graphic/visual wave form component of the file but retain it's audio. Why did it happen ? ...
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Rock bass, upbeat


francisco al
bom trabalho, nuno. legal+1
January 08 2017 21:19:45
francisco al
nuno1959 Obrigado Francisco ! +0
Nice one Nuno!+1
December 09 2016 13:45:49
nuno1959 Hey TG, there you are !!
Many thanks man, was fun to play too.. ;)
he man, this is awsome great sounding! cheerz!+1
December 09 2016 00:42:39
nuno1959 Thanks a bunch my friend, cool you enjoyed it.. ;) +0
Pit Brett
in the groove !!! :)+1
December 08 2016 01:06:24
Pit Brett
nuno1959 Ooops, almost missed this.. :(
Thanks so much Pit !!
thats very cool rhythm Nuno - great bass track :)+1
December 05 2016 18:23:23
nuno1959 Thanks a bunch @Fresh, loads of fun to play as well.. ;) +1
a damn cool one nuno...+1
December 05 2016 18:22:55
nuno1959 Thanks a lot Slin, i did try my best.. ;) +1
Fantastic nuno. Cool sound.
I wish I could play drums at the level this track requires.
I hear a Neil Peart style play in my head :)
December 05 2016 09:38:32
nuno1959 Thanks so much Frankie ! And yeah, i think i know what you mean..
When i posted this i tried to imagine what would be a drum track to go with it + my usual quirks & all ? Yeah, it didn't sound ''easy''… ;);)
Love that bass orchestra. Download...don't have a clue what to do with it...sounds so good as it is.+1
December 04 2016 20:06:40
nuno1959 Thanks Wade ! But.. I'd LOVE you to go nuts on this - release your inner punk !!
Come on, i KNOW there's one in there somewhere.. :D :D
Throw some distortion, some delay & rip it up on top of this, should sound glorious !!
sounds great! cool effect!+1
December 04 2016 20:10:50
nuno1959 Glad you liked it KM, thanks !! ;) +1
hui nuno, this is first class Bass playing <3+1
December 04 2016 20:09:05
nuno1959 My special brand of punk, Gracias Uloisius !! ;) +0

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