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Another lead from Mandolin player Tristan. I'm on tenor.


Beautiful pairing of instruments and a wonderful sound :)+1
December 18 2016 19:46:29
Wade Thanks Rob. Not all that great, but I like the sound of these two instruments together as well. +0
How I wished I could play sax, I'll have to buy one one day. I loved this:)+1
December 18 2016 19:45:38
Wade Thanks heinzlet. There are some cheap Chinese saxes that are pretty good and could get you started for a few hundred dollars. +0
December 10 2016 20:28:05
Wade Would love to believe you, but also know that you know what a good fugue should sound like. It's a funky approximation that I had fun with. Cheers Marc. +0
:)...Nailed it...and well done Wade!+1
December 10 2016 20:26:56
Wade Don't know about nailing it...maybe close enough for government work? Thanks Mark. +1
classic naturaly groove and melody, i realy enjoy this jam,,,,cu...+1
December 10 2016 20:26:23
Wade Thanks earlsteven! Certainly has classical leanings. +0
Soooo cool !!+1
December 08 2016 19:27:57
Wade Hey Whitpongo, good to have you around for a listen. Thanks. +0
Major 3rd
December 07 2016 19:50:36
Major 3rd
Wade Thanks Major! Very kind of you to check it out and comment. +0
Bravo Mister Velvet :) And bravo Tristan for very cool ambiance and play :)+1
December 07 2016 19:50:06
Wade Thanks titi. Mr Velvet? OK, guess I can't "live it down", so may as well "live it up". Cheers. +0
Pit Brett
nice jam :)+1
December 07 2016 19:48:39
Pit Brett
Wade Thanks Pit. Very kind of you to listen and comment. +0
Smashing jam, you guys interact beautifully with each other !
SO good Wade.. Keep them coming ! ;)
December 07 2016 19:48:09
Wade Thanks Nuno. Will you be my cheerleader no matter what? When I listen back to what we did together I thought that was a wonderful interaction that flowed easily. Tristan is a lot more difficult, which is a challenge, but we are obviously on different energy levels (young buck vs old man). +2
December 07 2016 20:32:35
nuno1959 Cheerleader no matter what !? AH, you wish !! No way José…
Specially since i ''discreetly'' ( me, discreet.. :D :D ) dropped an hint the other day for a wailing, distorted'n delayed sax lead blasts sprinkled on Invisible Track &…. nothing !?
Oh boy.. from now on i'll be your harshest critic & you have no idea the level of nastiness you'll endure if you keep playing like that…
The 1st comment being just an example !! ;);)
December 10 2016 20:25:04
Wade OK, you're no more Mr Nice Guy?

Still trying to find time to go through all the downloads. Doing a live practice and recording is easy...it's all right there in front of you. Much more difficult playing with downloads: not being able to watch hands, see the other player, and have some feeling for what they are about to do. With downloads it's just bringing up a track and start recording, but that seldom works on the first take. So more takes happen, then lots of editing time.

With the live stuff there's bleed (into my microphone), so the editing is more a matter of where does it start and finish (fade outs?), reverb, and adjusting some levels.

Then I'm also a picky bugger. Only one out of 6 to 10 recorded tracks winds up being re-posted. Bad ratio...bad player. Still need a cheerleader...
December 11 2016 00:51:11
nuno1959 OK, ok.. stop crying & settle down, i'll be your forever cheerleader ! :D :D
Jokes aside, do i know what you mean ! & it's one of the reasons i'm not that keen on recording, it takes so long to make anything sounding half decent
Now, bad player !? You ?? Get out of here, what does that make me & most everybody else then ???? Picky bugger's more like it.. ;)
December 11 2016 04:53:15
Wade Hey it worked! My cheerleader is back! +1

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