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redone, compressor issues. possible demo for Oni-tribute, needs suggestions for leadguitar. alternatively add to #91678 short dynamic power trial ____________________ started work on stereo difference. structured intro. enough. headphones, earphones, and i think speakers is ok too 0:35 1:00 2:00 3:20 4:35 __________ Unplugged acousticG, extern record, Vandal software amp Experimental codecs, bitrate, channels, 97.6db Improvising Technical after i woke up Wednesday. Storytelling. Not perfect.
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acousticG, vandal, tech, death, metal


Crazy cool one!!!! Love the blast beats parts.+0
December 14 2016 17:16:59
SupJax :D didn't want to work it out. pure dreamy influence in the morning. 5 minutes nonsense too much, only a bit stereo tracking. got a sweet sound :) +0
Lenny Cowler
December 14 2016 17:20:56
Lenny Cowler
SupJax actually i did a lot of technical changes. can't hear all lol. lost in sound :) +1
Major 3rd
yeah!!!! great sound and very exciting guitar stuff going on....nice!:D+1
This has some very good parts to it... well done Jax !!!!+0
December 14 2016 17:25:09
SupJax raw fun :) like the sound. heavy tapping somehow, but intro picking sounds sweet +0
Very cool bro had a strange and frighting dream myself last night Vivid+0
December 14 2016 17:31:30
SupJax thank you this kind of dreams is definitely inspired by amc's walking dead :D +0
had one of these global dreams last night. lots of people. many locations. big scenes. one theme.
survivor-apocalyptic. flooded cities. skyscrapers collapse into the river once in a while. a duet with shipwrecks. it's quiet. imposing peaceful. watching the scene on the edge of a ruined bridge. the other half heads into the water. i look back to the colossal pair of blue whales right in front of me. they are waiting and about to help. i'm clueless about it.
2 persons arrive, we finally move into the water. something lights into the deep. turquoise atmosphere. a freighter sinks silently below us. swimming through alleys, we get out. walking along abandoned houses. i tell them not to open the doors. billions of flies from dead bodies inside will torture us, in the need of fluid. one person is an asshole. he betrays me every single time. a girl that belongs to me. the other person.

a bright road. trees to the left and right. a few buildings outside. got caught by mercenaries two times before. they spot us, guns and rifles, again. starting to escape this time. however in dreams. i get dragged by the girl. a short run, they block our way. take us to a small house, and a trailer. we meet their boss.
interior looks expensive. white, comfortable, futuristic, clean. i recognize 2 or 3 friends already sitting inside. i had a long weird trip with one of them earlier. the boss begins talking. about joining his militia. no way out, so i agree. the asshole next to me starts to fight it. explaining situation, i knock him out. it never worked before. i wonder but don't care. feels good. lying on the ground, he's not breathing anymore. i knock him again, get him back, and pick him up.

angry about taking care of the most hated person in my dreams and life, we leave the trailer, back on the bright place, déjà vu. upstairs, i let him down on the roof, he leans against an iron wall. now a rifle in his hand, however, a big muzzle, aiming behind me. it's the boss who shoots first, right into his balls. still leaning against the wall, bleeding like an asshole he is, raises the rifle with a grin and says "Your final tatto", before he shoots the boss's face off. i grab him again, over the back. gunfire sounds through the area, guys are running. i head to the entry location. notice the upcoming waterfront, a tide. someone tries to start a rusty pickup. more guys drag him out. i pass it. ignoring the disgusting smell from dead houses. the happening in my back. i try to look straight forward. the road is flooded soon. i can't move on. a sack of crap on my shoulders. the water level rises. i decide to drop him. something surfaces next to me. i climb it and lay down. it starts moving through flooded alleys. no more guns and shouts. back to the collapsed bridge during sunset. a dark city. fire glows through broken windows. torches in lost buildings. clear sky. colorful. i wake up before we arrive
December 09 2016 03:48:57
Major 3rd that is awesome......my favorite part brought big laugh "explaining situation, i knock him out. " LOL I've had similar dreams.. dreams but not. +1
December 14 2016 17:07:43
SupJax sure it's not the tatto quest? lol nobody had one. and the shout was 'not from me'. i was wondering in the middle of happening because it makes just no sense. he spoke loud and clearly. different than the usual 'conversation', if there is any, created by yourself. not a real volume level. no talking at all. surprising scene. craziest. dreamed like 8 hours or so. yea, earlier i tried to fly, again. looks stupid. can't do it without shaking my arms around :@ +1
December 14 2016 18:44:53
Major 3rd haha you fly too? I fly in dreams...sometimes I just rise up from the ground like a god..haha other times ih ave to use a unfolded cardboard box as wings....if anyone is reading this we sound crazy!!! haha 8 hr dream....thats long! I have similar dreams....yup....wish i could fly for real! +1
December 30 2016 21:24:26
SupJax my major-dreams are of survival, since new TheWalkingDead series. ugh, god.. 50% of them are always about trains, stations.. you should know if you traveled a lot in the past :D

the other 25% include beasts. everytime. i get hunted by natural monsters, tigers, bulls, bears, and mostly i try to get off by flying. or jump between trees lol. it's one huge escape. the bigger dreams. train - forest - landscape - hunt :@

interesting and social survival-dreams since i watched TheWalkingDead are really exciting. a few hours of one and same act, a broken system, lost homes, empty towns, only a few survivors and you don't know any of them, but there is a special knowledge, a personal connection, and seriously there are zombies. not funny after all, but intense for sure. good times. salute

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