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Thanks ROBJOL. This song has been therapeutic for me. My wife came down with PE after our long trip between the USA...It was a really trying time, thankfully we caught it in time and she is recovering... I added to this song when she was still in the Hospital, it really means a lot to me, it gave me a safe place to go; when my nerves were busting out of my brain.... I was able to mix it once she ...
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ballad, pop song, live drums


I can already hear this with vocals and bass. good job. hope your wife is OK.+1
December 11 2016 14:38:46
rp3drums Thanks, doing better. Yes this song needs to grow! +0
sounds fantastic+1
December 11 2016 15:58:36
rp3drums Thanks Axe! +1
First and foremost I'm happy all is ok now rp !! Second, good to hear you play those wonderful beats again. This is great :)+1
December 11 2016 15:59:31
rp3drums Thanks so much for the kind words...only the Loops can help in this way! +1
Sounds very refined! Great add!+1
Very nice!+1
Hope your wife is getting better. Thanks a lot and take care.
There will surely additions to this music. I like the way you added your drums. Very nice.
this gives good energy :) good health to all of you :)+1
super track Ray, awesome guitar from ROB,:D+1
what a wonderful track :)+1
Nice job! :)+1
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