Haunting With Bonzo (MasterK Remix)

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Mad props to Wiseshank, Guadana, and KMstar for their work. Just needed some tweaks for clarity, and KMstar's bass. Added a bedroom for the verb. Compression, EQ, etc. Enjoy. ~MasterK
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Killer mix!!!!+2
December 13 2016 14:32:27
MasterK Ty. Glad you like it. :) +1
Got to hear it on the good speakers, great mix! sounds great!!+1
December 13 2016 14:33:32
MasterK Awesome. Glad you like it.
Great job playin brah.
Wow !!!! first off, great track guys, great groove you got going there and played well by all, totally dig the attitude..
MasterK, mix is killer, truly great work, really brightened it up , added much clarity and sounds awesome.. Well done brah
December 14 2016 00:48:05
MasterK TY, glad you like it . :)
Just FYI to all - In the future add your HD tracks.
I can use them to do even better.
The tracks must be clean of reverb and effects. Like a dry accoustic sound.
The main stereo tracks give me the idea of the sound you want.
I can customize the HD tracks.
Just sayin'.. Keep up the great work.
ficou ótimo, MasterK+1
December 15 2016 23:47:30
francisco al
MasterK Gracias mi amigo, as always ! :) +0
Cant listen till the morning but thanks, i am sure its a great mix+0

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