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This is a stem from a 17 year old project which was never finished properly. Always wanted to hear it with (good) keys, bass and drums- just someone else's ideas. A 21 yr old kid (Earl Hiett,III)did the guitar track in 30 minutes, and I spent the next 3 months trying to complete it, with just decent results. Please do whatever you want- if you like to replace the guitar, I can isolate the vocal parts too- ...
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OMG! Awesome :)+1
Lenny Cowler
very good track:)+1
December 25 2016 19:14:35
Lenny Cowler
DrStrgeglv Thanks! Really interested in doing a remix from your (vast) world... coming soon ( I get distracted). +0
Ahhhhh !!! :W
Well play my friend !!!
February 01 2017 01:45:08
DrStrgeglv Thanks! It's just waiting for our friend, eGil to notice (perfect player for this one, right?). But I try not to be too needy. Eventually somebody will put a bass on it. Check those drummers,huh? (both GREAT!) +1
Excellent start for a great song !! :D
Fantastic 80' stuff !! 2:13 :W :W
Great guitar too !! Excellent playing !! :)
February 05 2017 01:08:15
DrStrgeglv Thanks! I was already over the '80's by 2000, but Earl wasn't. He was doing stuff I'd never seen... and I had a LOT of exposure to talent in the L.A. days ('80s). Our sessions were the first time he ever recorded. He was playing bars in MT. Now he sells cars. +1
February 05 2017 01:18:24
frankyguitar Thanx for that informations ! He knows the loops ?
Awesome player, would be sad it was the one and only from him here !! :)
February 05 2017 01:32:00
DrStrgeglv There is a few more that I may be able to pop out. I wrote most parts, and he was always glad to have them heard, so no sweat for rights. I haven't been able to reach him in a while, but I spose I can try harder... Last time he says he's "WWWAy better now". I've left msgs about the loops, but he may be into cars more IDK. +1
A great time travel, thank you for this...!+1
super track, Doc :W:W:W+1
Lenny Cowler
francisco al
camarada isso é legal. bom trabalho, DrStrgeglv+0
December 15 2016 16:52:20
francisco al
DrStrgeglv Obrigado, Senhor! É uma gravação antiga que eu sempre quis terminar. Soa melhor com baixo. +0

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