Most of All no glitches

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same as above but with weird glitches removed


sorry about the "above". i had to re-upload because the former version had glitches.
i am seeking a funky bass and electric piano, and maybe brass if any players are out there.
chords A7 G7 D7 -- C E7
cool song !+0
Great! Like it very much!+0
thx OliVB and SlonMusic+0
very cool ! :)+0
i appreciate taking the time to listen. now that i've gone around and heard some of what the folk hear have to offer, i'll upload starker song versions so i can make full use of the talent here.+0
Cool stuff!+0
Nice to have you here. We need fresh stuff like this on the loops. Keep it coming. :)+0
I heard this song and it seems that I already knew its existence.nice.welcome+0
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