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I'm workin on this song since 2009. I already made a version with an entire strings orchestra, but i don't like it. This part of piano structure before was played by a guitar and I re-arranged for piano. I'm really sorry but I'm not a good pianist. I played only the essential to give you all more space to your ideas. It needs everything. So have fun. Enjoy.


Great template my friend. I get curious about that entire string version. ;) Anyway this is very good. There s a lot of potential to a great song/jam here. (And your piano play is alright panpot) :)+1
I've played nice tries on this, I just need to explore the last part
December 21 2016 01:02:25
panpot good!!! i'll wait so... +0
Great track Panpot, beautiful song+1
Very niice!+1
Very nice template Pan!!+1
Awe inspiring creation that is a wonderful them gor others as their remixes are inspired by upur theme!+1
Its a very beautiful song. I had an orchestral arrangements teacher that told me once that ideas are not good or bad. They are only ideas. What is good or bad is how much and how you worked on your idea. Your song is amazing:) I really liked it. Merry Christmas for you buddy:)+1
This is wonderful! Really nice work my panpot friend! :Y+1
a beautiful composition!+0
Wonderful progression! :)+0
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