All Of You (mix)

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I heard this nice piano idea from Panpot. He wrote that he already had made some strings and guitar for the song but didn´t like it. When I was curious he was kind enough to upload all adds he had made by himselfs. I made a little mix of the tracks. I didn´t add any instruments to the templet. Just the mix. Hope you will like it. I think it´s a very pretty song. Thanks for listening.


This will go into my unwind a bit playlist. haha :Y+0
December 26 2016 04:40:05
Peterpingo Thanks Heinz. I´m so glad you like it. But the honor is all Panpots :) +1
This is super good! :):Y+1
Marcelo D
Sounds great. Its really a beautiful song:)+0
December 24 2016 21:51:52
Marcelo D
Peterpingo Thanks Marcelo. Yes I think it is a good song too. :) Glad you like it. +1
Excellent remix, Peter! Bravo!+1
December 22 2016 22:17:14
Peterpingo Thank you very much Liesching. Your like means a lot to me. :) +1
Excellent symphony sounding creation!+1
December 22 2016 01:40:00
Peterpingo Thanks Itocpogo. I´m so glad you think so. :) +0
Hi Peter, you a great mix for Panpot track, crystal clear to my ears, I can hear all the details very well in a great balance...excellent work!+1
December 22 2016 01:39:02
Peterpingo Thanks Alice. I just heard the tracks from Panpot. And I thought. YES! This is gonna be good. :) I´m So glad you like it. Actually I´m not a mixer or producer at all but this wonderful place (Loops) and all its wonderful and caring people makes you do things in music you never thought you would do. (I Love the Loops and the Loopers). :) +0
YES MAN!!! U DID IT! I guess u spent so much time mixing this. Also because the orchestral version was a little bit faster (125bmp) than the new one (120bpm). Also in the new one i added a second modulation but it sound so good together with the other! Great Job my special friend. I'm glad that u dedicated time on this. Thank u very much. ;)+3
December 20 2016 23:29:27
Peterpingo It was a pleasure my friend. No it didn´t take so much time. I used one of the tracks with more instruments as a template for the mixing. I just gave all the instruments a little more width. Then I gave the string section some reverb to make them sound more natural. I hope the tempo is okay. I´m so glad you like it. It´s a great song with a lot of potentials for adds. :) +1

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