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Maybe it's not so much a yuletide sound, but who knows what this could become. Most of all, I just want to wish a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all my friends here at Wikiloops. I've never met a finer bunch of people than right here ;)
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holiday, unplugged, pop


This is fantastic Psycho+0
Let me get this.+0
francisco al
bom trabalho, Psycho. ficou muito legal+0
Marcelo D
This is going to grow. Its a solid foundation and your struming guitar always sounds terrific. Great one:)+1
December 25 2016 22:54:10
Marcelo D
Psycho Thanks Peixe... very kind words my friend. Here's to the holidays !!!! :) +0
Great as always Bruce :);)+1
December 25 2016 22:52:05
Psycho Thanks PJ... just trying to spread a bit of cheer :) +1
Great playing, Bruce! Merry Christmas, my friend! Btw you´re a very important part of this fine bunch :)+1
December 23 2016 00:46:28
Psycho Hi Marc... well I thank you very much for the kind words. All the people I follow here are on my list for a reason, and it's because I enjoy all their work. When I came here I was in awe at the instruments played here, and the keys are one of those. From the first piece I heard you play until the last has been so amazing. It's this time of year I have no problem getting all silly and letting people know how I feel. I really do appreciate all the friends I've made here. Merry Christmas my fine friend :) +0
Sounds like a musical Christmas card to me! Wishing all the best back to you and yours.+1
December 23 2016 00:38:43
Psycho Wade, I didn't even think of that, but you are so right. This was meant to be a Holiday musical greeting and tribute to all the great folks here. I especially appreciate you and and all the help you have given me (even if you may not realize it). Plus you sax players are some of my favorite people because I love the sax. It's always a treat to see you have put up a track :) Thanks my friend !! +1
December 23 2016 02:15:19
Wade Cheers Bruce. I have no idea what I could have done to help, but don't mind that you see it that way. +0
I like hearing your acoustic guitar! You created a beautiful template:)+1
December 23 2016 00:33:09
Psycho Thanks Pewi... the horns, reeds, etc that you can play are simply amazing. I take this time to thank you all for what you guys do here. Happy Holiday my friend :) +0
Great folk composition ! This track sticks at once ! Very nice playing and chords my fiend :)+1
December 23 2016 00:21:15
Psycho Hello titi... you bring a wonderful flavor all your own to this place and I enjoy every track you do. I wish you the very best on this Holiday season :) +0
Always a pleasure to listen your great acoustic guitar Bruce! Merry Christmas to you! :)+1
December 23 2016 00:19:03
Psycho Everyone who I have seen here is such a wonderful friend and musician. And Stef, I have had so much fun playing along on your tracks that without them there would be a big hole here. Merry Christmas my dear friend :) +0

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