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Another track from Tristan on electric way modified mandolin plus me on tenor sax. This track has been sitting around here for a while so it's been shortened to just give the idea/atmosphere. Have a bad flu so am not playing anything for a while. Add whatever you want. No set rhythm or key (obvious?)


Hello Wade, this is very inspiring. I wish you a merry christmas and i hope we meet in 2017 again. :)+1
December 22 2016 19:46:57
Wade Hey Adu. Thanks so much for the listen and comment. Yea, 2017 is getting close...maybe. +0
very rich and challenging ! i like the free form and the cool sound :)+1
December 22 2016 19:49:13
Wade Thanks OliVBee! Not sure when I can get together again with Tristan for a jam. Still have a few tracks that can be shared...eventually. Have a wonderful holiday and take care of yourself! +1
December 22 2016 19:52:02
OliVBee Thanks a bunch buddy ! wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and new year !! have lots of fun :) +0
December 23 2016 22:15:45
Wade We already have the homeless guy we're taking care of...doesn't eat much. Doesn't say much either except to my heart. +1
like those crossovers...I'm always in for new colors...+1
December 23 2016 02:17:11
Wade Always up for "different", now just got to get down "good". +1
December 23 2016 16:33:50
fanne It’s a small step from different too good by lack of competition Wade :) +1
December 23 2016 22:14:31
Wade Hmmm...going to have to think about that one. +0
lovely sounds here..I like the sparkles. hope you feel better soon Wade :)+1
December 23 2016 02:17:51
Wade Hearing from you makes me feel better. Thanks Shi. +1
very good one! i download+1
December 23 2016 02:18:15
Wade Thanks Demian. Hope to hear something back from you. +1
December 23 2016 15:04:01
Demian Gonna try, challenging track for drums but first time i hear i imagine something +1
December 23 2016 22:13:53
Wade Just go with the flow...looking forward. +0
wonderful atmosphere, sound bright, wide and clear, the way that's sax blending with the mandolin gives a very sweet nuance ...tranquility!

Get well soon Wade!
December 23 2016 02:20:41
Wade Oh Alice...I wish I felt better too, and hearing from you certainly helps.

This is an unusual duo, but I'm always up for "different". Thanks!
December 23 2016 02:22:30
Wade Also meant to wish you all the best for the holidays (do you have this time of year as a holiday?). Even if you don't my love and best wishes are digitally sent. +1
December 23 2016 06:04:04
aleonz Yeah I was having a bad flu after my vacation till I lose my voice (Glad I got it back), Always enjoyable to hear some different tune, and always glad to find you do some experiment too, it makes me learn for something new too :)

and Yess we have Christmas here too, I born in Christian Family, my extended family are moslem & budhist,Hindu and also Indonesia original believe, so I celebrate and embrace all religions days (that's fun part to have those colors), Thank you so much Wade, I wish you a very happy and wonderful Christmas for you and your family!
December 23 2016 09:57:32
Wade Ha! your family sounds like mine! One sister and brother are Jewish, one sister semi-Christian, One sister is a Buddhist nun. Mother was (sort of westernized guru following)Hindu. And me? Yea, I'll go to all their parties/holidays. +0
Wonderful! Get well Wade :)+1
December 23 2016 02:23:00
Wade Thanks Marc. Yes I need to get well...and you know why! +1
Wonderful you both !! Such a fantastic atmospheric track ! Hope you get well soon Wade !! :)+1
December 23 2016 02:24:38
Wade Cheers Franky...Yes I must get well...or die. Hmmm I guess that all the choices I get? +1
December 23 2016 08:50:43
frankyguitar Die is no Option..... 🙄 +1
December 23 2016 22:12:44
Wade Inevitable...just a matter of when. I'm old, it's OK. +1
Lenny Cowler
December 23 2016 02:24:54
Lenny Cowler
Wade Cheers Lenny glad you like. +1
December 23 2016 02:25:20
Wade The tune's OK, the flu is my KILLER. Help! +1
December 23 2016 03:15:29
MajorTom_III It's weird.... all the little kids here are getting sick with a flu. Hope you feel better soon. +1
December 23 2016 22:11:47
Wade The wife brought this one back from England ten days I guess it's your winter flu in the Northern Hemisphere that's going around...nasty! +1

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