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guitar with a not so good drum intro--but I played to the drums and took them out cause....... ..... it NEEDS drums, bass, horns
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estupendo ritmo..
♥ . .))(
♫ .(ړײ) ♫.
♥ .«▓» ♥.
♫ ..╝╚.. ♫..saludos..:Y
December 26 2016 16:08:17
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks! I do enjoy playing like this when I sitting watch a basketball game(sound off)(electric no power) on the TV! +1
GREAT Jim !! Very good jazz playing, nice tone too!!+1
December 26 2016 16:06:38
Leftdaloops1019 :DSounds alot better with drums:D hiding! and expanding!:D +1
good one!!!+1
December 26 2016 16:03:45
Leftdaloops1019 THANKS Demian!
I actually took the HD drums you put on the "kings" song and speed it up alot to get the basic flow. I Love the beat sequence you did on that, but I couldn't make it fit perfectly, so I snagged a drum loop from my small amount of loops that came with my program, to help with being consistent, so if someone wanted to play on this it wouldn't be all over the place with at least the tempo changing--the parts do change "patterns" I guess.
December 26 2016 18:35:41
Demian Hey Jim, glad you found some utility to the drum track. Maybe here dont fit well beacouse you play in 4/4, i can try to add a drum here, very good track with more acid feeling +1
December 27 2016 14:32:00
Leftdaloops1019 Whatever you think---allthat counting confuses me!:D +1
December 27 2016 15:10:45
Demian haha! numbers are the drummers karma +1
Very tight timing you know how to jazz it up! :) :) cool jim :D+1
December 26 2016 15:59:12
Leftdaloops1019 thanks Tom! Don't know the chords I'm playing but it sounds jazzy to me! Don't know what style of jazz it is either!:D
But I do like to play like this!
December 26 2016 20:35:02
frenzie :D +0
Nice jazzy riffs! Love the chromatic transitions! CREATIVE! a rhythm section really can make this take off!+1
December 26 2016 17:17:19
Leftdaloops1019 was thinking of YOU!!!! Dan!!!!:D:D:D +0
Some great strum timing here Jim... nice clean piece !!+1
December 26 2016 18:30:23
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks Bruce! Been watching the Spurs beat the bulls with no sound on TV and playing this with no amp. Once I plugged in it was WOW now the tones come into play! so It was really fun one! +2
December 27 2016 14:04:49
Demian Another good picture: spurs and guitar haha. i am from ginobili country +1
December 27 2016 14:30:31
Leftdaloops1019 GINOBILI!!!!:o +0
You're always so creative, whenever I listen to you I :Y even if it's an odd one like An order of curry ribs, which by the way is on my highway ride playlist. lol:D:Y+1
December 26 2016 19:51:25
Leftdaloops1019 COOL and thanks!:D +1
hmmmmmmm maybe? what if?......but then i aint good enough.. love it!+1
December 28 2016 18:44:25
Leftdaloops1019 plenty good enough give 'er a go mate! +0
great guitar my friend!!!! so good!!! :)+1
Cool play and concept! Groooooovy.+1

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