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SORRY I posted the other one too quickly! Thanks MalCo for great template!!!!!! Sorry my plan was to sparsely play on this. But my son just gave me a Telecaster with 3 Rio Grande single coil pickups in it(for my 60th BD) And I'm loving the sound of them, and I couldn't stop myself!!!!!!! Control issues!!!!!! I was fixing one little part from last night and played another bit to splice in and liked how it sounded once I turned on the 1st guitar I ...
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seal, roxy music


forgot to give you a thumb on this, I get excited about a song and get busy, forgetting to thank people lol+2
December 27 2016 19:28:41
Leftdaloops1019 LOL!:o +1
Glad you could not help yourself Gemmy! :D Very beautiful sound and playing I find it very soothing.:D+1
December 26 2016 18:49:33
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks! Appreciate the template so much!:D +1
Excellent play there Jim. Keep the coffee rolling.+1
That Tele sound very sweet Gemmy.
I've been thinking about getting one. I've never owned a tele but one can never have too many guitars :)
Oh and welcome to the old farts club :)
December 26 2016 19:59:52
Leftdaloops1019 This one is tricked out, he bought it from another old fart who said he was in Eddie Money's Touring band. It is a Mexican Tele--feels great but the guy had these Texas Specials Rio Grande single coils in and it is a three pick up tele. My first real electric was a tele. Forgot how much I loved it. That was 32 years ago I had to let it go. OLD FARTS CLUB!!!! +1
December 26 2016 20:42:13
FrankieJ My first guitar was a 1940's era Epiphone Coronet. A gift from my grandfather. He carried it thru WWII at Normandy. Sadly, it did not survive my early playing 1969/70. Wish I still had that one as it would probably be worth a lot today.
Love this track, its still looping :)
December 26 2016 21:00:39
Leftdaloops1019 So you were a bad boy with the guitar!!!! Youth is wasted on the YOUNG! Proves I'm an OLD FART now with statements like that! WOW just looked up a Cornet! Cool guitar! WOW, just the heirloom quality of that guitar alone is priceless! I guess you picked some playing up from him!:D +1
Nice the way the bounce weaves in there. Sax you say? Hmmm...could get muddy. Might add to the step before then you can embellish?+1
December 26 2016 21:07:11
Leftdaloops1019 depends on who and how!:|:o +1
December 26 2016 21:09:40
Leftdaloops1019 also ....ohhhhh the magic of the mixer to make space where there seems to be none and the power of the brain to multi-task while enjoying music!!:D +1
December 26 2016 21:13:28
Leftdaloops1019 Didn't see the Might add to the template...sounds good...then I can exercise my flabby self control!!!! +1
December 26 2016 21:51:52
Wade I'm sure you won't have any trouble. Will leave more than a few breathing spaces..Ha! +1
December 26 2016 21:54:42
Leftdaloops1019 I have been know as a thoughtless and trouncing player!!!!:D +1
beautiful :)+1
December 27 2016 14:33:42
Leftdaloops1019 Thanks Andrea!:) +0
Nice one Jim, nice subtle work.+1
So this is where your passive aggressiveness came from ;) Well played! Beautiful and pleasant :)+1
December 27 2016 22:17:26
Leftdaloops1019 the version with Fishinmisso--Mark on sax is so passive it will have your baby to sleep even if she's in one of her ornery-est moods. Unless Judas Priest is her sleepy tyme music.:o +1
This really is a wonderful guitar part :) Complements the piano beautifully <3+1
via wikiloops radio
Wow,excellent music<3:D+1

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