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Since joining the loops and finding the courage to add to music that appeals to me,it has given me just a little more confidence in my musical ability, I am only here for the pleasure of playing my guitar, I do not offer any musical expertise or have any criticism of anyone, its all just pure fun....


I really like what you've done with this!+1
December 26 2016 21:26:34
davidaustin many thanks maxxie, one track I have sat on for a while:) +1
Love your comment on this upload..Pretty much sums up why I am here too :)+1
December 26 2016 22:22:44
davidaustin thanks Mark, it really is fun jamming with others and the experience is essential for all, it is the only way we improve:D:D +0
December 26 2016 22:32:38
Fishinmissio It is! I sure wish we would have had this technology back in the 70's..I probably would have stuck to playing my horn back then +1
December 26 2016 22:39:43
davidaustin 1971 is when I first picked up a guitar, after a year or two of messing around I sold it... 12 years ago I started again, there was not much in tuition then but look what we have now! +1
fantastic David, and thank you for your music, I'm also here for the same reason, fun and learning, in the company of my friends, all of you :)+1
December 27 2016 07:50:02
davidaustin many thanks Xavi if it was not for all of the friendly comments i receive I would have given up, I am listening and learning from players like yourself and want to learn:):) +1
December 28 2016 19:45:39
ivax sharing and learning is the goal, I happy to your company and friendship of every day, here at Wikiloops, is currently a my friends place, and all you are my band... The band more great of the world :D:D Live Rock +1
Hi Dave:)nice guitar playing,I agree with you,its all about the fun of jamming,thanks for joining us,wishing you a great new year:);)+1
December 27 2016 07:45:01
davidaustin hey Pete, a great track to play on,have a great new year and more music from you:D:D +1
Awesome David!:) Very Floydish
Personally I am only here to hopefully be discovered for my musical genius and the axe wielding guitar virtuoso I am.
I plan on a multi-million dollar contact any day now:P...LOL
Just kidding...I agree with you 100% and I am just happy I can even play guitar again.:D
Wikiloops has given me the ambition to play once more.
December 27 2016 07:42:19
davidaustin can I be your roadie.... if you go on tour:D.... its all fun and having a laugh with you guys:D +1
December 27 2016 15:10:01
mortheol :D +0
Glad you all like my "Fiddling on a Sequencer" as wikiloops calls it.:)+1
December 27 2016 10:03:35
davidaustin Awesome... as a Floyd fan this is my music:) thank you for sharing :D +0
a very very good add David...+1
December 27 2016 22:44:06
davidaustin many thanks for having a listen Nils:) +0

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