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MalCo130 jams
United States
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GemmyF1387 jams
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KMstar1561 jams
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Yo-Yo Kenny AWESOME Buddy!!
Here is a big fat thumb for ya'..;):)
My only regret is I wished I had more hours in the day to listen to all my friends here, let alone get time to jam with them and craft my own noise:@
Too much life and work stuff....get's in my way.
I download so much music here, start things, never finish and than forget where I was and what I was doing.
December 29 2016 16:44:35
KMstar thanks! I appreciate it Ron! I have the same trouble, its impossible to listen to everything and still find time to participate, no worries bro! +1
Gemmy, also really liked it case you didn't notice ;)+1
:Y Really cool! Love that gritty sound! :) :Y+1
December 27 2016 22:20:38
KMstar Thanks! running a new sansamp rpm along with my normal setup, I think it helped +1
Great line KM ,so cool my friend :) ;)+1
December 28 2016 02:04:19
KMstar thanks G Dog! +1
fantastic my friend..
♥ . .))(
♫ .(ړײ) ♫.
♥ .«▓» ♥.
♫ ..╝╚.. ♫..saludos anigo..
December 28 2016 02:04:39
KMstar thank you very much my friend! +1
Phat and fuzzy! and bird dogging! awesome!!!!
tenacious B(ass) and jazzy:D
December 27 2016 00:56:14
GemmyF and really cool timing on things!:o +1
December 27 2016 01:00:09
KMstar great song by you and MalCo, I had to join in +1
December 27 2016 01:02:02
KMstar second half really moves for a while +1
December 27 2016 01:07:58
GemmyF Stuff you do at the beginning!!!!!:o +1
December 27 2016 01:17:04
KMstar Anytime brother! +0
December 27 2016 01:14:23
GemmyF I would have never! though! Really cool!
thought an add like this come around! It really give pulls out the drums! which I don't think I even listened to while I was playing my parts....I think I was focused on the piano
Glad I told you it was your turn!
December 27 2016 01:31:27
KMstar its a fun groove +1
December 27 2016 05:49:57
GemmyF BOGUS!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I don't like people! I'm the only one willing to say I like this play???? Not just willing but to thoroughly enjoy it! I just don't get it! +1
December 27 2016 15:18:44
GemmyF Just wished I could give another thumbs up!:D or 5 +1
December 27 2016 16:11:37
KMstar Thanks Jim! I never worry about the thumbs, I have almost 1000 uploads and I think one got near 20, 900 or so have less than 10. I play to keep myself sane and having fun with a few friends on a song is enough for me to keep doing it. Something tells me fame and fortune are not in my future lol I heard its over rated anyway. +1
December 27 2016 16:23:42
GemmyF yeah it's not that, it's a snobby attitude, or an unwillingness to say hey that's cool! thumbs up! I knew that about you and fame and sanity!(you won't even change a diaper!) It's just is somehow amazing that some really cool stuff gets heard yet no, hey that's cool, for whatever reason, anonymity, I don't know..... anyway, I'm of the thought if some paid a price to play it and I enjoyed it, I'm going to tell them. If you were a busker, that would be coins or dollars, or people wanting to jam along, I think it's good for folks to show appreciation, if they liked it! RANT OVER! +2
December 27 2016 16:39:43
KMstar 78 listens and 2 thumbs is a successful upload in my opinion 😀 +1
December 27 2016 16:43:39
GemmyF yeah 78 listens IS pretty sweet!:D
Especially in such a short time!
So your calling me a glass half empty kind of guy! hummmm. pondering! :|:D
December 27 2016 17:24:56
TeeGee Nice one KM, and Gemmy for cool guitars and Malco for the template. P.S. My thumbs are worth at least 10 each, that's how highly regarded in my eyes I am :D ;) Yeah don't worry about thumbs too much - for me, if I, ME, and myself like my uploads, and a few of my friends too, that's ok :) . +3
December 27 2016 17:31:29
KMstar Thats how I look at it too brother, I just really enjoy the music here and jamming with friends, thats enough for me. +2
December 27 2016 17:46:40
GemmyF yeah I hear ya'll, and it's not about thumbs, it is about how cool the music is, but my comment in the first place on this was to say wow, who are these people, that can listen to this track(eXCLUDING MY PLAY) and not appreciate it enough, were they thinking it was going to be Beyonce, or smooth jazz, or whatever...No you bumped up to the amazingly daring RISK taking KMstar and BOOM there it is. I guess even though they didn't click a thumbs up they will never be able to unhear this take!!!! So I'm becoming a glass half full guy after all!:D:o +2
December 27 2016 18:16:32
KMstar I am just happy to have people listening. Outside of wikiloops its near impossible to get people to take time to listen to anything. The people I know locally rarely ever listen to a song if I post it on Facebook. I have a "friend" that plays bass proffesionally and I have gone to at least 10 of his gigs and brought 2-4 people along when I go just to show some support, sent him a song on messanger and said I was trying a new vocal processor and to let me know what he thought, never heard a thing from him since. Another friend started a music store, I mentioned his store because I bought a guitar there, in the post, his wife liked it but never heard from him. I think people have lost perception of value with music. Its not a flashing 30 seconds of video with someone getting hit in the groin at the end so its boring. Just having my friends here listen to some of my tracks means a lot. Its a great community here +3
December 27 2016 18:18:36
GemmyF TRUE! That's why I'm here too...:D +2
December 27 2016 19:21:20
KMstar thanks for the compliments btw! +1
December 29 2016 15:39:22
mortheol I have no idea what you Dude's are talking about:|
I am all about thumbs...I play guitar and bass like that is all I have...Thumbs:P
Great Jam Kenny:D
I agree 1,000% with everything ya'll said.
December 29 2016 17:04:49
TeeGee I don't know what I am talking about, too. Can someone explain it to me please?? :D +2
December 29 2016 17:09:57
KMstar lol +0
December 29 2016 17:12:31
GemmyF feelings! no wonder you guys don't know about what's being said here!!!!!:D +2

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