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Another magic mandolin track from Tristan. Doing my best to keep up!


Tristan and you are a wonderful Team, greetings to him ;o)
BIG Thumb ;o)
January 13 2017 19:00:54
Wade Thanks Uli, Haven't seen him for a while. Hopefully he's up to playing with me again...(I'm not in his league). +1
August 30 2017 20:50:06
Uloisius Do not put your light under the bushel, you're great ;o) +1
what an interesting musical conversation this is Wade and Tristan, I certainly enjoyed listening :)+1
January 01 2017 20:01:14
Wade So good to hear from you Madam Shi. I'd certainly love to have more musical conversations with you. Thanks so much for the listen and comment. +0
what a great combi mandolin and sax you 2 sound great together! cool work Wade!! :)+1
December 30 2016 10:50:40
Wade Thanks Frenzie. Doing my best to just keep up! +1
You and Tristan are a great duo, when you play together you create a magical track, i can sense how you really respect each other when you play, the sweetnees flowing so clearly from this track, so great to hear you both!+1
December 29 2016 20:16:16
Wade Thanks Alice. Yes, I really have a lot of respect for Tristan's playing. Unfortunately he's very busy (as a pro), so don't get a chance to play with him very often. All the tracks from him I've posted so far are from our one jam that was recorded (or first!). He's difficult to keep up with, especially when jamming. Ive re-done some of my tracks as they just weren't matching up to his tempos. Hopefully they still have the jam feel. +1
very good!+1
December 29 2016 20:12:28
Wade Thanks Demian! glad you like. +1
Pit Brett
this is brilliant!! :)+1
December 28 2016 22:54:48
Pit Brett
Wade Thanks Pit. I struggled with this, but like the overall feel and sound. Soprano is my most difficult instrument and I have lots of trouble keeping the intonation locked in. Variation in tone is also a problem. Not sure why especially when the sopranino is so much easier...go figure! +0
Very entrancing tune you guys made here, hypnotic almost..
Am loving that sax of yours with that mandolin !!
Listened to it 3 times in a row, could that mean something !?… ;)
December 28 2016 22:51:58
Wade Could it mean something? Maybe you were in the kitchen making lunch? Glad you like Nuno. Cheers! +1
December 29 2016 20:31:46
nuno1959 No siree, just that i liked it a lot !!! ;)
Hope you're all better now..
December 29 2016 22:06:39
Wade Getting better. Have been able to pick up the horns and play a bit. Still coughing and trying to not "overdo". Have a great gig to do on New Year's eve that I don't want to miss. Will be playing sort of film noir style behind a shadow puppet style curtain with an exotic dancer. I get to see what the others only get a hint of!!! +2
December 29 2016 22:19:26
nuno1959 :D:D:D Talk about entering 2017 in grand style !!! +1
January 05 2017 20:21:00
Wade Now past. Were three dancers, not just one. Very naked, lovely, but not pole dancer types more exotic beautiful. Good party. Lots of music. +1
Class collaboration between mandolin and saxophone, I am thrilled!+1
December 28 2016 22:50:33
Wade I'm thrilled that you jumped in and have given this a go. No better compliment than having you want to be in it. +1
A lot magical moments in this jam, Wade! Playlisted!+1
December 28 2016 22:49:42
Wade Far too kind Marc. I'm really struggling here. The energy Tristan brings is infectious yet so hard to match. Thanks for the listen and your support. +1
December 29 2016 19:57:04
Liesching Cannot hear any struggle efforts, harmonic sax virtuosity to me! +1
What a magical track:)B):Y+1
December 28 2016 22:47:55
Wade Magic is a good word for the smoke and mirrors I used in editing to make it sound like I could keep up with Tristan. Glad it works for you heinzlet. Thanks. +1

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