Shark Attack

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eGiL asked me to play something on his Surf track. I never listened a lot to that kind of music although i did quite a bit of windsurfing myself. Tried to get in the flow of this groove and probably added a different feel that belongs to the style but hey.... i sure did have some fun with it.... Played the Hammond on my stage piano, my portable Hammond clone wasn't in my setup this morning! :) Surfs Up dude's! Marc ps. thanks for ...


love at first tune, what lovely dance number, haha, cool :)+1
December 28 2016 10:07:24
Marceys I'm standing here on my surfboard making weird moves! :) :) +2
December 28 2016 11:09:01
AKchen :D yes, haha, a song for strange dancing, love that :) +0
Hammond Powwwaaaa Beach Boy !!
Joe (JMrukkers), take of your mask :)
December 28 2016 10:42:51
Marceys Sunglasses, cocktails bit of wind and ride the waves! :)
Joe is the real hammond player, that sound is always the best! :)
December 28 2016 11:24:13
Tofzegrit Guitar surf bebop is coming :) +0
Cool add Marc! Love that Hammond sound! <3+1
December 28 2016 10:54:07
Marceys Hey eGiL! Glad you like it, a bit out of my comfort zone but a cool ride for sure! Thought the hammond was the sound for the track! Little theme at the beginning and rhythmical groove. Up to the vocalist now! :) +1
December 28 2016 11:03:07
eGiL I think you gave it a nice new feel! :) Let's see if a singer comes along ;) And maybe some horns :) +0
love the 2:10 part, great play+1
December 28 2016 18:30:21
Marceys Thanks Frank! 2:10 was still free to play i added a little chordwalk....:) +0
Totally cool Marc, great Hammond+1
December 28 2016 18:30:52
Marceys Some rhythmical thingie! :) Thanks Joe! +1
estupenda marceys..fantastica..
yo pienso que la musica pueden catalogarla como estilos...pero el atentico musico es el que expresa su alma con la musica..como el escritor lo hace en los libros..
♥ . .))(
♫ .(ړײ) ♫.
♥ .«▓» ♥.
♫ ..╝╚.. ♫..saludos my friend..
December 28 2016 18:31:35
Marceys Think this means something like:music is played with the soul?! :) agree! :) +1
Your windsurfing really worked to give you the surf vibe Marc.
Good wave ride heheheh
Hammond is on :)
December 28 2016 18:33:40
Marcelo D
Marceys It's been a while i did some windsurfing.... the last time i was lucky to be on Aruba and did some surfing above the reef! .... i lost my steeringcontrol somehow, but the reef and me too are still alive... :) :) +1
December 28 2016 19:07:55
Marcelo D
Marcelo D Reefs are sharp and dangerous. Here in Rio we only have sand shore breaks. So far I am surviving my bails too hahaha:) +1
December 28 2016 18:34:54
Lenny Cowler
Marceys Thanks a lot Lenny! :) +1
Great playing Marc :)+1
December 29 2016 09:32:45
Marceys Thanks a lot Keiton! Cool to play something like this for a change! :) +1
Yea, not typical surf style. No Matter! this sounds great. What a creative thing you came up with instead. Really like it as its own stylistically so much better!+1
December 29 2016 09:34:47
Marceys That is something i really like to do! When a song is to long long in only two chords i get some itch and try to come up with extra chords that fit in..... :) enjoyed the ride! :) +1

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