Dead trees and the end of 2016

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Very moving and moody track that couldn't be ignored. Thanks to all for this inspiration and hopefully next year will be a lot brighter.


Open another flavor than 'the blues" played on guitar by Andel
January 14 2017 19:41:56
Wade Thanks Chris. This one just spoke to me and "played itself". There's a magical aspect to the polyrhythmic character of this that really inspires. +1
Wow Wade!! Fantastic job on sax line, colourful added to the jam :)
Happy New Year my friend!
January 01 2017 21:18:35
Wade So good to on a track with you again. I really love the thoughts and feel of this one. +1
January 01 2017 22:16:16
GlezBass Thanks for share my friend +1
Your is a melodic line but with the particularity of the talent with which you model the sound! Great skill in creating contrast between melody and rhythm and give dynamism to the whole. Great sax Wade!+1
January 01 2017 21:20:12
Wade Thanks Stef. I find that the sopranino has the ability to communicate with lots of subtlety. Tried not to cut through too much as I love the moody vocals in this. +1
Marcelo D
Wow Wade. Your playing is outstanding. The expression is so rich that it takes the attention away from the other guys. Really enjoyed it. Happy new year my friend :)+1
Wade, you are the best, when it comes to playing sax in the background, contributing atmosphere without disturbing. I mean it in a good way! Great track!+1
January 02 2017 08:51:44
Wade Thanks Lutz. Very kind of you to say. I was a bit afraid that even though the sax was very subdued during the vocals it was still too "present". Glad you think it worked OK. +0
You nailed it Wade! you do know 'bout the yin and the yang in music which makes a song great.
In the parlando part you played melody and at the end, in singing part, you hold back...perfect!
January 02 2017 20:19:17
Wade Thanks, but I feel a bit like a fraud as there was no preconception or preparation for this. Just jamming in a single take after a listen. The track just resonated with a distinctive feel that I could relate to. So glad that it worked. +1
January 03 2017 11:38:37
fanne By the way he ad's unconscious, you can tell the master. +1
Very good sensitive playin! Wish you all the best for 2017, Wade! :)+1
January 02 2017 08:53:59
Wade So good of you to have a listen and comment. Wishing you and your family all the best as well. +1
Super sound to end this year... enjoyed it... HNY !!+1
January 02 2017 08:57:11
Wade Cheers Bruce. Recorded this some time ago but just got around to editing and posting. Wanted to get it back before the "holidays" were over. Very poignant lyrics that needed (IMHO) to either come back before New Year or wait until next Christmas. +0
Cheers Wade Great job !!+1
January 02 2017 20:21:22
Wade Thanks ERWAN. This one definitely called out to me. Most of all thanks to you and the others who set up such a hauntingly beautiful track. +1
You shining when you step up , what it's great is even when you step back and draw the line on the background, you didn't lose that spotlight, without created the distraction on the vocal...this song really enjoyable track Wade! colorful sweet!+1
January 02 2017 20:25:21
Wade Thanks so much Alice. I'm still a bit undecided whether I should have gone completely silent during the vocals. As you say the sax had a strong presence and the last thing I wanted to do was take away from the fine vocals. The object was to add atmosphere. The sopranino cuts like a knife, even at low volumes. So glad if you think it worked OK. +0

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