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Its been so long that I don't upload a piano track... This afternoon I had this new year feeling... Its a mix of hope and sadness. The tittle says it all. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for hearing :) Happy New Year :)
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Piano, Love, Romantic, Piano Solo


It's so great to wake up with this beautiful song, that lovely blue part, that heavenly green part...01:17- ooohhh shivers, and that red part where you left me without a single word to say.
This sweet melancholy track goes straight to my heart dear...thank you so much for this Celo, I wish you a beautiful new year..
December 31 2016 00:42:27
Marcelo D For us :) +1
December 31 2016 01:47:25
Marcelo D You deserve a beautiful song like that every morning. Its good to hear that this song made you feel better. Thanks for your kind words my dear Alice :) +1
It's beautiful. That Db-Fm-Eb move at the end of the chorus is absolutely entrancing. Such a sweet melancholy tune. Love it :)+1
December 31 2016 00:43:09
Marcelo D Thank you my friend :) happy new year:) +0

I wish you a happy new year too!
December 31 2016 00:42:45
Marcelo D Thanks Pedersen. Happy new year:) +0
What a beautiful song Marcelo. Yes the title says it all, (I´m sorry for you friend). But it is strange how some situations in life often "create" the most fantastic music. It´s of course a humble comfort in the moment but I think that´s a part of what makes us continue "the journey".
I wish you a Happy and better New year with joy. :)
January 01 2017 14:38:31
Marcelo D Hi Peter. You are right. Sadness in music is so beautiful. If we are too happy we make some silly songs hahahaha. I wish all the best for you in 2017 too my friend. Thanks for hearing :) +1
January 01 2017 14:56:11
Peterpingo I don´t think all people makes silly happy songs Marc. If they have the gift to see the beauty in a sad song and write it they are able to make great and wonderful happy songs too. And what I mean by that is that YOU my friend are the living proof of that. ;) You do both. +0
Simply fantastic song! Wonderful sound and playing Marcelo! Happy New Year! :)+1
January 01 2017 14:43:40
Marcelo D Thanks for hearing Stef. I wish you a wonderful 2017 :) +1
So much beauty in this wonderful piece Marcelo ! :)+1
January 01 2017 14:47:41
Marcelo D Thanks Rob. Happy new year my friend:) +0
Beautiful Peixe. Happy New Year!+1
January 01 2017 14:51:09
Marcelo D Thank you so much Andrea :) I wish you a wonderful 2017 :) +0
Beautiful warm playing Marcelo! Great ballad track with very rich chords! :)+1
January 01 2017 14:53:47
Marcelo D Thanks Marc. It means a lot comming from you. My best wishes for 2017:) +1
Great template Marcelo, will have to follow, surely grow ... Happy New Year! :)+1
January 01 2017 14:57:43
Marcelo D Thanks my dear friend Mario. My best wishes for a great 2017 for you:) +1
sweet and lovely sounds here Peixe. Have a great 2017 :)+1
January 01 2017 14:59:58
Marcelo D Hi Shipping. Thanks for listening. My best wishes for a wonderful 2017 :) +0
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