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this is a WAAAY jazzier and looser version of a song I did in my band called Verve. As a matter of fact it hardly resembles it at all. The bass player and drummer wouldn't recognize it! SPEAKing of those guy--Bass and Drums, and a sax guy Please---- add up!
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progressive jazz rock, jazz,


Having heard the whole thing (all the adds), I can say this is an outstanding contribution. All starts with this and deserves recognition. Love this strange stuff from you.

Sorry I didn't see it a lot sooner, especially when you were asking for a sax to show up. So good the way it is now, wouldn't want to mess with it.
July 08 2017 00:47:01
GemmyF Thanks Wade!
Do a go just you and me!:):D:Y
July 08 2017 06:30:03
Wade OK, download. No promises as I have around 30 recent downloads and around 20 already recorded ready to edit. I'm slow, greedy and hate editing...bad combination. +1
Missed this one back then! Very cool composition Jim! <3+1
J'aime cette ambiance !+1
January 14 2017 17:50:50
GemmyF Thanks! Glad you like it!!:D +0
Excellent creation Jim... great trip!+1
What a long strange trip here :|
Do you have the chords or notes?B)
January 03 2017 21:10:27
GemmyF there's really only a few parts in this
G/addB is the first section
January 03 2017 21:12:11
GemmyF somewhat a contemporaneous play--though new as shapes where I was going to go +1
January 03 2017 21:15:25
mortheol I am bookmarking this one:)
It seems like a nice wide highway to roam around on. I'll give it an avant-garde go:D
I just listened to Pewi's add, really good. I love this kind of stuff:)
January 03 2017 21:22:16
GemmyF I'm kind of hoping that jeebsie would forge a pounding bassline on this
you might want to try some drums and do it in pieces like I was talking about. Drums like you played on that Inkless and Jeebsie played on...lots of drums not so much cymbals with rolls their own rhythmn that someone on bass could track a line so it would be like two sondgs at once but one song...sure I'm not explaining very well ....
January 03 2017 21:37:48
GemmyF Demain just played some drums on it!
Trying to make observations but working too. Take a listen.
January 03 2017 21:44:23
mortheol I think you have crafted a challenging track here for the drumsB)
I will see if I can challenge it:|
January 03 2017 21:55:37
GemmyF Remember that song Tusk by the Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac---they two things going on and it's been eons since I've heard.....The Part I'm hearing of Demians playing is really quite what I would have thought 6 30 - 720 +1
January 03 2017 21:57:49
mortheol I love the song "Tusk":D
But we will need a marching band for that;):P
Fantastic! Just caught Pewi's add.+1
January 03 2017 19:20:14
GemmyF Thanks Frankie when I'm not being a gansta i like to play some guitar!:D:Y +1
Jazz or Progressive? I don't know! But I certainly know that this track has an incredible charm and shows all your creativity! :)+1
January 03 2017 19:16:40
GemmyF Thanks Steph if you hear some parts to add to, I'd love to hear them.
Really I kind of hear an underbelly of raw fuzzy stuff --progressive stuff that inkless does on tracks with some great drums that aren't timid but blaze their way through this thing.....but that is why I threw it up to see what other's ideas sound like, so If it moves you at all give it a go:DThanks! Get your Rick wakeman on or the Keyboardist that play with Genesis!:)
Super track Jim:)+0
Great ! Very moved. Another thing :)+1
Yes, i'd say it's ''slightly'' jazzier & looser… :D
But it's a cracking track all by itself. Fine work Jim
You're one creative dude !
January 03 2017 00:53:34
GemmyF Thanks Again nuno!:D +1
January 03 2017 20:12:08
nuno1959 This ''normal'' thing is getting kind a scary.. ;) +1
January 03 2017 20:22:31
GemmyF I know!!!!!:D +1

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