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I've had some time to hang out on the "Island of the lost Noodler" and explore some of the caves here. I found some old and dusty music I stashed away here for safe keeping long ago. These were mostly lost ideas, sound experiments, or music never finished. I release them now after some restoration.. Sorry they were done long ago so not much info to provide.
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Deep Acoustic Tone, Harmonic


You did a very cool template with the great atmosphere Ron!+1
Fantastic experiment. Réverb enhances the musical atmosphere... i love it. <3+1
January 03 2017 03:18:20
mortheol Thanks Agnes!:)
I am good a experiments😊
Fantastic, most excellent noodling my lonly prince ;) !! Very good!! The king must be proud on you :D+0
January 03 2017 03:21:10
mortheol Vielen Dank Sir Franky:)
You must visit the Island sometime😆😉
January 03 2017 08:44:26
frankyguitar Well, I think the same :) +1
Ooohhh, I like this cave alot! Any more treasures like this one? ;)+1
January 03 2017 03:23:32
mortheol Why yes my fair Lady, the cave is full of them. I have released some more...but others are just too awful!!
Thanks, I am happy you liked this one.😄
very cool Ron:D+1
January 03 2017 03:24:55
mortheol Thanks Dave:)
Another long lost tune from my past.
Wonderfully relaxing music ;o)+1
January 03 2017 03:25:44
mortheol Thanks Uli:)
I am always happy to relax the people😂
A great start to the New Year Ron :) :)+1
January 03 2017 03:26:23
mortheol Thanks Rene.:)
Let's hope it is a good one!
muy buena amigo..excelente
♥ . .))(
♫ .(ړײ) ♫.
♥ .«▓» ♥.
♫ ..╝╚.. ♫..saludos my friend..
January 03 2017 03:28:05
mortheol Ahhh..That makes me very happy!😸 +1
This is fantastic Ron ! :)+1
January 02 2017 05:16:17
mortheol Thanks Very Much Rob:)
This one was pulled from my trash heap.
I am listening to some stuff I did years ago and posting to see if it has any lifeB)
Fabricio L
Masterpiece! :D What the tone?+1
January 02 2017 04:18:07
Fabricio L
mortheol Thanks Fabricio:)
I did this a long time ago.
I think I used my Harmonizer pedal and dropped it 2 octaves.
January 03 2017 18:37:40
Fabricio L
Fabricio L I download this too, but I try do it something but even put my harmonizer dropped 2 octaves dont get the notes or mean notes ... If you remember appreciate, but no problem if you dont... I really like a lot this song. Congrats again !:) +1
January 03 2017 18:43:50
Fabricio L
mortheol I must have been wrong with what I told you.
I will try and reduplicate what I did here. I may have also been in a flat tunning (Eb) and in DADGBD??
I will send you a PM when I figure what I did and I will tell you exactly.:)
January 03 2017 20:25:41
Fabricio L
Fabricio L Thank you my friend! +0

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